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Higher Ways #4

Hi all, The last 3 weeks I’ve shared a snapshot of 2 weeks of my life, mistakes I’ve made and decisions good and bad concerning seeking, finding, and walking in the higher ways and thoughts of the Father. Right heart Our text has been Isaiah 55: 6-13 which encourages us to forsake our wicked ways… Read more

Higher Ways #3

I’ve been sharing from my life about choosing God’s higher way’s and thoughts. Today¬†3 more incidents from this past week. By baring my heart and life I’m showing this is a lifestyle, walking with the Father and constantly checking for any¬†difference between my thoughts and ways and His thoughts and ways. Trip to California Last… Read more

Higher Ways #2

I shared last week how the Isaiah 55 passage ‘my ways are higher than your ways, my thoughts than your thoughts’, is actually an invitation to come up to the Father’s higher ways and thoughts, for He tells the wicked and unrighteous to forsake his ways and thoughts and return to the Lord. All Things… Read more

July 2012 Newsletter

Dear friends, This is our monthly e-newsletter which includes some of the same content as our US based through-the-mail newsletter, plus additional things on my heart. Today I want to share some prophetic words, and share 2 new cd/MP3 series with you, but first… Chris/house/truck We’ve received inquiries about an email some close friends and… Read more

Higher Ways #1

I’m rearranging the scheduled topic of asking ‘Does heaven initiate experiences or does earth?’ to the topic of ‘Higher Ways’ because of some recent events in our family’s life. Isaiah 55:7-9: “Let the wicked forsake his way, And the unrighteous man (forsake) his thoughts, and let him return to the Lord…and He will have mercy… Read more

Traditions of Men #7

Spirit and Word in Balance I’ve shared how scripture says we are to determine if something is God or not – as they did in Acts 15, taking a look at what is claimed to be the Holy Spirit moving AND finding it in the Word. That which is in agreement we accept, that which… Read more

Traditions of Men #5

Spirit of Truth Within Last week I shared mostly on the non-verbal ways the Father speaks to us through the Holy Spirit, focused on discerning the difference between the traditions of men and the pure Word of God. Yet because we aren’t taught to listen and trust in that inward witness, I’d like to share… Read more

Traditions of Men #4

How the Spirit Communicates When we hear or read a teaching claiming to be from the Word, we need to know how to tell if it is the Word, or an Oral Tradition that has become elevated above the Word. (Good people can truly differ on doctrine without either opinion being Oral Tradition.) A teaching… Read more

June 2012 Newsletter

Prayer matters For years I’ve shared how the Father speaks to me about future events – I am like Ezekiel’s 3:17 and 33:6-7 watchman – one standing on the wall and calling out what he sees coming his way. There is both a responsibility to pray and to share what I see and hear, thus… Read more