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The Second Knight:

How to Overcome Intrusive Thought

In Second Knight, How I Overcame Intrusive Thoughts we have a book perfect for our times! Intrusive thoughts have become more common with all of society’s many voices vying for our attention, from social media to multiple TV channels and more. For some, those voices never stop, becoming obsessive and internal, even to the point of suggesting ‘crazy’ things in the midst of an otherwise normal life. Little has been written about intrusive thoughts from the vantage point of someone who has walked through its depths and come out victorious on the other side. All the while Phillip maintained a successful career, marriage, and a young and growing family, he had a secret internal battle always raging. Anyone who has struggled with their thought life from being unable to 'turn the mind off' to crazy thoughts out of the blue, will greatly benefit from Phillip's journey. His transparency and vulnerability immediately touch us as we are taken along his path from healthy thoughts, through the pain and confusion of intrusive thoughts, and then on to victory as he learned how to take back his thought life.


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