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How Jesus Taught Me to Hear the Father’s Voice:

3 Pard DVD Series

How Jesus Taught Me to Hear the Father's Voice DVD seriesis three, 55 minute teachings John recorded in Helsinki, Finland for broadcast on 'Heaven TV7', the Christian TV station in Finland. Starting with his October of 1986 teaching visitation where Jesus taught these things to John, he now shares with you. The first two teachings on DVD #1 are 'The Visitation' & 'The Non-specific Ways He Speaks'. DVD #2 is 'The Specific Ways He Speaks'. When you watch these videos, you will discover He's been talking to you your whole life, but you haven't understood how He speaks. You'll also understand how to start hearing His voice more clearly, and begin walking in a deeper level of communion with Him as you apply what Jesus taught John.


Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery of DVDs.

How Jesus Taught Me to Hear the Father’s Voice
(3-Part DVD Series)
3-Part DVD: $24.00
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