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Prophetic Word
There were some things I held back in my July 20 update on prophetic words, and some clarity that has come from recent events, so I’m interrupting my “Hope” series to bring this update. First clarity, then what I held back.

You’ll recall in my July 20 Weekly Thoughts entitled ‘Prophetic Word’, I summarized key words I’ve received through the years, ending with recent visitations from the Lord and words from the Father.

Remember that in the spring of ’09 Jesus appeared to me and responded to my question about the economy and condition of the US from then, through the 2012 elections. He said the general trend will be a slide downward in the US economy and the US standing in the world.

Then 3 months later, in the late summer of ’09 you’ll recall I asked two questions of the Father about the November 2010 elections: Would the Republicans do well, and would they be able to change the economy between the 2010 and 2012 election cycle?

When I asked Him these things, I was immediately in the Spirit, standing at a playground before a child’s slide. There was a man on his knees on it, facing up the slide, trying to pull himself up and over a ‘bump’ in the slide about half way down – as playground slides often have. The man, who I knew to be a Republican Congressman, was not able to get over that bump, but instead slid backwards with each effort to where he started, and even losing ground.

In late summer of 2009 when the Father showed me the vision of the Congressman on the slide, I understood the Republicans would do well in the 2010 elections from that vision, but the meaning of the bump was unclear – until now.

It is now apparent that bump was the US debt/deficit. The word from the visitation with Jesus in the spring of ’09 about ‘a general slide downward’ and the following vision from the Father, were both within the context of the 2010-2012 election cycle.

That means that there will be starts and stops, but little real progress through next year’s elections. We may see some progress, but the general trend will be downward as things shift as per that July 20 email (If you missed it, you can go to our web site, select ‘archives’ at the top, then click ‘archived Weekly Thoughts’ to find recent ‘Thoughts’)

What I Didn’t Say on July 20th

I held back on some things, and even hold back now, because some who read things like this can give in to fear, which is not my intention. The two points I open up about below need not be read with fear, for as the Father has provided in the past, He will in the future. Stay in peace in your spirit even when the mind wonders what is going on. But do remember the visitation I had from Jesus about the network in His body, that I summarized on my July 20 “Thoughts.”

Part of what the Father told me, was that a wave of persecution was coming “…and even now is already released on the earth” (from the enemy). Some of what He said to me:

“…Things will get so bad that some government officials will not take responsibility for their actions, but find a scapegoat. At first hardships will be blamed on conservatives, but that will develop into blaming Christians for society’s ills. Christians will be portrayed as the ones who caused the economic problems, are blocking the solutions, and standing in the way of progress. As history reveals, at first it will be sporadic, but over time gain momentum, until it becomes part of the culture when the average person believes it.”

But you’ll recall on the 20th I shared the Father told me these things will take “…four to five years to work themselves out.” So don’t be afraid, but be watchful. When you saw the NY Times portray the Norwegian mass murderer as a “Christian”, that’s one part. When you hear of Senator John Kerry and others call the downgrade of the US by Standard & Poors the “Tea Party downgrade,” that’s part of that spirit at work.

Satan takes advantage of the things of man, and since the world is facing economic crisis, that spirit will have room to work across borders and cultures for years to come, beyond the 4-5 years of economic issues.

The Second Thing

This goes back several years, a vision I’ve held between Barb and myself and only shared here and there to individuals. As I’ve said, usually the visitations I have from the Lord are when He tells me about things happening in the body of Christ. But when the Father tells me or shows me things, it is always first and foremost for prayer.

Therefore, I take many things He says to me or shows me in vision, may be subject to change, lessening, or even avoided altogether. My favorite example of the power of prayer comes from Matthew 24:15 and 20. In verse 15 Jesus tells about the Anti-Christ who will come into Jerusalem’s temple at the mid-point of a 7 year peace treaty. At that point Jesus spends verses 16-19 telling those who see that event to get out of town.

But in verse 20 He says “Pray that your journey (out of town) will not be in winter, nor on the Sabbath.” The Anti-Christ coming to Jerusalem at the mid-point of that 7 year treaty is a fact that is set in stone. What is subject to prayer however, is the season of that given year, and the day of the week it happens.

So take what I say with a grain of salt, for I’ve prayed it not happen in the US. This was a few years ago, and the Father was speaking to me about some of the things happening now, and I asked Him if things continued, just how bad it was going to get.

I was concerned I told Him, as we didn’t have much savings in the bank and if hard times were coming I wish I had some savings. He interrupted me by asking: “Why do you want to put your money in there?” And suddenly I was in the Spirit and taken to a bank parking lot. Over 2 minutes in time a weekend passed before my eyes like a speeded up film strip.

Run on banks

There was a run on banks on a Thursday as people rushed to get their money out, and I saw the government declare a bank holiday Friday, with all banks closed across the nation on Friday.

People were milling around wanting to get into the bank, but couldn’t. Some were angry, all were panicked. I had the sense at places out of view there were riots and demonstrations and unrest. But many people were clueless as to what was happening.

Suddenly Saturday morning played out before me, and people went to the bank to get their money. The parking lot was filled with people hanging out, walking around and talking, some becoming more violent pounding on the glass doors, yelling and screaming, but it stayed closed.

Then that scene passed and it was Monday morning. The bank reopened and the US dollar was worth less, it seemed about 50%, of what it had been on Thursday before. Then the experience was over and I was back home, and I haven’t complained since.

This is NOT a call to take money out of banks, it is what I saw, I hope it can be changed, and we will know ahead of time when/if it will happen so there will be time to take action.  In the same way for weeks people have been saying the US credit rating would be downgraded and some prepared, talk of a devaluing of the dollar will first be talked about as a serious solution long before it ever happens.

I’ve learned since that vision that one way governments cut their debt, is to devalue their currency. In the above vision’s case, suddenly by the magic of economics, the US debt would be half what it was the week before. You don’t react to things of the Spirit from a spirit of fear. Just keep your eyes open.

Realize this
IF conservative interests gain control of the White House and/or Senate in the 2012 elections, realize a new administration works under the previous administration’s budget through July the following year. In other words, a new President and Congress taking office in January of 2013, would not be able to put their budget in place until August of 2014.

At that time, if austerity measures will be put in place that would mean a cut back on federal funding. Will there be riots like we’ve seen in Greece if the government cuts the welfare state back? Who would get the blame? Those conservatives, many of them Christians.

IF the current balance of power remains the same through the 2012 elections and the US drops further economically, who will continue to be blamed? Conservatives, many of them Christians. So I wonder about what is in store for the world with the Father saying ‘these things will take 4-5 years to work themselves out’…

This isn’t the time to fear, but it is time to wake up. When the Lord appeared to me in November 2001 and told me to start “a house church and house church network” and said it “is a resource against a time to come”. And “Be a resource for them against a time to come” He saw what is coming on the world. Those who meet in house churches, have a close network of friends and community of believers, will be resources for themselves and those around them, saved and unsaved alike. Your brothers and sisters in the Lord are your greatest resource, and you are theirs. The body of Christ needs to get serious about relationships.

I don’t think most people realize how serious things are in the Spirit about Christians acting like Christians, but I’ll address that in September’s Weekly Thoughts in this space. The “Hope” series continues next week…there is peace in His presence.
John Fenn

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