Prophetic Words

I need to summarize what I’ve received over the last couple of years for new readers. When the Lord first started appearing to me in April of 1986, many of those visitations were teaching visitations – which is what my book Pursuing the Seasons of God, and its sequel (Knowing the Ways of God) are about.

But in between the teaching visitations have been visitations where He told me what He was doing in the body of Christ. Nowadays, when He appears to me it is most often concerning what He is doing in the body.

But when the Father speaks to me it has always been about world events – the big picture – and often accompanied by a vision. Often He starts out saying something like ‘You need to pray about…’ That may sound strange for some, but remember the core of prayer is that His will would be done on earth, and He alerts intercessors and those who ‘stand on the wall’ about what to pray for.

A bit of a summary

This isn’t a list of all visitations and words, but allow me to summarize several because one of the ways the Father and Lord have always spoken to me has been one ‘line’ building upon the previous – line upon line, precept upon precept – so getting things in order is important. So a few summaries.

Back in 1990-92 during a few visitations, the Lord told me to watch China, that it would become strong economically and try to expand throughout Asia and Africa and try to dominate the world. He also said to watch Turkey and it’s alliance with Russia, for Europe would reject it and it would turn to Russia and the Muslim world. (Turkey is prophesied in Ezekiel 38 as one nation in an alliance that will invade Israel and be defeated, so a key nation)

He also told me of a coming mass exodus from traditional churches, a diluting of the faith as it mixed with eastern religions and carnality, and the rise of home based churches – though I didn’t really understand that part until 10 years later. And now of course we see New Age mixed with Charismatic faith, as evidenced by such things as the teaching of going to heaven at will, etc.

In November 2001 the Lord appeared to me and told me to start ‘a house church and house church network, and structure in such a way to facilitate the development of house churches around the world.” When I asked Him why, He said “It’s against a time to come. Be a resource for them, a provision against a time to come.”

That’s what we’ve been doing since then – developing the relationships in home based churches that naturally then lead to networking – which leads to provision being available for all, spiritually, emotionally, socially, and in natural ways.

During the Bush/Kerry election cycle there was a different feel about it on the Democratic side, and I asked the Father what spirit that was. He said ‘It is the spirit of socialism. It can be slowed, but it won’t be stopped.’

The Father told me of other hard times in the US. He said the US would have a series of natural disasters over the course of a few years of all kinds (drought/flood/storms/snow), then 2 hurricanes, and these things would happen when the national economy was already strained, putting an even larger strain on it.

During and after these things, there will be 3 earthquakes. One in California, one in St. Louis, and I don’t know about the other location, but possibly a large aftershock in CA. In the vision I saw a map of the effect of the St. Louis quake reaching north east, being felt in Chicago and Indianapolis.

In spring 2003 the Father told me to pray about a plan to bring shoulder fired missiles into the country to shoot down planes and/or Air Force One. In September 2003 that plan was made public when arrests were made, and I asked the Father how the country was. He said “…watch out when Hillary takes office.” She was a US Senator then, so I knew only Secretary of State, VP or President remained. We are in those ‘watch out’ times.

In 2005 I was contemplating the changes in the country over the previous 10 years, since 1995 when the biggest concern was Monica Lewinsky. Then 9/11 happened, war, etc. The Father spoke to me saying: “If you think you don’t recognize the country for what it has become over the last 10 years, I tell you the truth when I tell you; you won’t recognize it again in another 10 years.” (That would be 2015)

The last couple of years
During a visitation spring 2009 the Lord told me; “You will see an underground network develop in my body. You’ll hear of buying and selling, giving and receiving, trading and bartering.” He taught me about the underground economy of Acts 2-6, how they cared for one another beneath the Roman and Jewish economy, with none lacking.

He taught me how the widows and others in Him were cared for in homes and with families instead of begging on the streets, while those not in Him were out in the streets as seen in the gospels – yet unless you were in the body of Christ then, you’d never know such provision, care, and love was happening all over the city because it was just part of what they did and who they were, and how they were networked.

In another visitation that spring I asked Him about the economy, and He said some signals would be mixed, but the general trend in the US and the US standing in the world, would be a slide downward.

A few months after I was asking the Father if the Republicans would win significantly in the November 2010 elections, then over a year away, and immediately saw a vision. I was at a playground standing before a slide. A man in a suit, who I knew to be a Congressman, was on his knees trying to pull himself up the slide – which had a slight ‘bump’ in it half way down. He would move up a little, but then slide back to where he started or slightly lower, never able to get over the bump. I remembered the Lord’s words in the visitation 3 months earlier about the economy and world standing would be a ‘general slide downward’.

The vision meant the Republicans would do well in November 2010, but whatever the bump was, they would not be able to get over it, and basically not able to do much from the time frame of November 2010 through the 2012 elections.

In another visitation the Lord told me He was asking His body to judge ourselves in finances and relationships – getting our fiscal and relationship house in order. He spoke of valuing those we fellowship with, of living within budgets and getting out of debt. He said that times were coming when many who distanced themselves from us due to house church practice, would come to us for help and only then want to be part of what we’re doing, and to watch our attitude towards them and love and accept them anyway.

This year
Often times my wife will get a general ‘feeling’ about how a year will play out, and then He will give me specifics. This year we got (and reported in this space) turmoil in spring, then a rest time in June and part of July, July/August being transition. The Father told me to pray for Israel in August concerning possible war, and to pray about their borders.

He said August would be a transition, and then there was thick darkness over September 2011 through next year for the US and world economy. I hope it can be changed as it came from the Father for prayer, but it was a recession of such magnitude it bordered on depression, affecting much of the world, but resulting in a global shift of economies, strengthening some, weakening others like the US.

This week
I was asking the Father about all the above and other things not summarized above, plus the debt negotiations, and He started talking to me saying:

“All these things will take 4 to 5 years to play themselves out. Remember I told you in 2005 that you would not recognize the country then, for what it will be in 2015. Remember the vision of the slide – the economies of the world will shift from the US to European and Asian nations even in difficult times, and this must happen to fulfill their roles. Know this son; no matter what actions Congress takes, no matter who is elected, the economies will still shift over the next several years, with some things happening quickly, others more slowly. There is great distrust now among world leaders concerning the US, so that even if the economy turns strong, they will still make their plans. But what is that to you? Seek Me and My kingdom and all things will be provided for you, and for all who live according to my economy and ways, for I will fulfill my will in their lives as they seek and walk with Me.“

Look for transition away from the dollar as the world standard to begin in earnest. Know that if a budget is adopted that cuts the welfare state, many who are used to government handouts will be upset. I remember the late David Wilkerson’s word of rioting in cities (at some point).

Remember what I shared of the economic conditions in my cd/mp3 series ‘Armageddon’, where Revelation 6:6 says that in that future difficult economy, wheat and barley in particular would have inflationary prices.

The truck tire
On Tuesday this past week I picked up our handicapped son, Chris, at his group home, and drove in our 270,000 mile pick up truck the 115 miles (185 km) to Tulsa and the CWOWI property southwest of Tulsa. We watered the fruit trees and berry bushes (planted with the intent of being a provision for those in the church in the future), got the mail, had a meeting with our youngest son, Brian and his wife and my Assistant, Amy, about business, and then ran some more errands in town.

By that time we had driven about 150 miles (241 km), some of it at 78 mph on the turnpike (128 kph), some of it on bumpy dirt road, some on neighborhood streets. But as I pulled into the bank parking lot headed for the drive-through window, the truck bounced a bit. I looked in the rear view mirror to see the spare tire had dropped from off the underside of the truck and was laying on the concrete.

I had been going walking speed when it dropped off the underside of the truck. I stopped, backed up, swung the tire into the back of the truck, and picked up the rusted bracket and pieces of a bolt that had failed. Had that tire fallen off at 78 mph it would have bounced and possibly hit another car. If it had happened on a city street it could have hit a car or rolled and bounced into pedestrians, children, or done property damage.

But the Father arranged our lives that it fell off at that exact moment, while going walking speed, in a parking lot with no other vehicles behind me. That is why I do not fear anything that may or may not happened in the future. I am not a Gentile that has to look for food and clothing. I have a Father who orders my steps, and because I see the little ‘coincidences’ in my life now, and over the past 37+ years of walking with Him, so I know His provision will always be there.

Be at peace, do what is right, what is prudent, what is in your ability to do, and the rest He will cover. But I wanted to update and share, and I hope this has been a blessing. Hear what the Spirit is saying to the church.

John Fenn

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