Prophetic word 2012 #2

I left you hanging last week didn't I? Truly I ran out of space, so let us pick it up where we left off. I was working backwards from the return of Jesus, backing up from that point, going through some of the things the book of Revelation says are coming on the earth. Those include the Battle of Armageddon involving 5 kings of the east, before that a double meteor/comet hit that sends up a dust/vapor cloud that blocks 1/3 of the sun/moonlight resulting in the poisoning of 1/3 of waters, 1/3 of vegetation dies, and causes disease and famine world-wide. (Revelation 8:6-13; 9:1-11)

Isn't that fun boys and girls? I cover these things in more detail in my series Disasters of the Revelation, so let us move on, as the period The Revelation talks about is years in the future.

At least 7 years in fact. Because at least 7 years before the time frame of The Revelation there is a brief war involving Israel in which Israel and her allies win. In fact, scripture says they will have a 7 year supply of fuel oil and other supplies gained as spoil from that war - a war that takes them 7 months to bury the dead.

It even says Israel will hire workers to walk through the battle site to place flags where they find body parts; Ezekiel seeing in about 586BC forensic methods of our day! (Ez 39:14-15)

Think through World War 3 with Me
Ezekiel 38 & 39 describe an economic and military alliance between several nations that will one day invade Israel. Three of the nations named are modern day Russia, Turkey, and Iran. So let us reason this out so we can gain prophetic insight relating to our day.

I cover this war in detail in my cd/MP3 series 'The Coming War Between Russia and Israel' if interested. Ezekiel 38:11-12 says this economic and military alliance will invade Israel hoping to take a spoil.

Question - What Conditions Exist Today that Line Up with This?
Turkey has been rejected by the EU and is developing their relationship with Russia. Iran, well, read the headlines. The alliance spoken of in Ezekiel now exists economically and militarily and will be further strengthened in the coming year(s).

As I've shared in this space and on some of my 'End Times' category series, in visitations with the Lord, 3 times He has told me to 'watch Turkey' as an indicator for when things are getting close. I've also shared with you in years past that He told me Putin will seek reelection, and that has come to pass.

But Ezekiel mentions other nations as well - Libya, Sudan (called Ethiopia in Ezekiel's day), and some of the former nations of the USSR around Turkey and Eastern Europe. Look for Russia to become more bold in building alliances with Eastern European and other former USSR nations by putting Russia friendly leaders in place and other policies geared towards influencing them towards Moscow. That part has yet to develop fully enough for the alliance Ezekiel 38 describes, so be watching.

Under What Conditions Might they Feel it is Safe to Invade Israel?
Ezekiel says they will invade Israel, but in today's world if that happened now, they would be confronted by the US and England and a multi-national force.

So what are the conditions under which THEY THINK no one would come to Israel's aid? What has to happen for them to feel safe enough to invade? I can see 3 elements:

1) The US will have no or only a small military presence in the mid-east. 2) The US will not have the political will to be involved in yet another mid-east war. 3) The government and people of the US will be focused on their own economic problems, thus lacking the will to be involved.

Ezekiel 38:9 says 'you will ascend and come like a cloud', which indicates a massive airborne assault involved - an assault that could be initiated quickly. Ezekiel makes it clear this huge multi-national force is overwhelming in power - and they think they can attack without facing much opposition.

In the first Gulf war and in the invasion of Iraq, the US took months building up troops in Kuwait - everyone could see the attacks coming months in advance. It is clear in Ezekiel the armies attacking Israel think they will be in and out before Israel's allies have time to move an army into position to stop them.

So in our day as it pertains to the daily news, we need to keep an eye on Iran, Turkey, and Russia. Look for all 3 to strengthen militarily. Look for news of economic links between each nation and Russia. Look for Russia and allies to fill the vacuum left by a declining US presence in the middle east.

That means if the US or Israel attacks Iran between now and then, it won't be a knock-out blow, but rather small skirmishes or bombing a facility or something contained. So don't let the headlines shake you.

A Little More Insight
With US Presidential elections coming this fall, we need to think about what President would so shrink the US military and so NOT want to be involved (or able) to have boots on the ground in the middle-east, that the alliance of nations in Ezekiel 38 feel safe enough to invade. The sheer size of the invading ground & air force is large enough in their minds to deter any allies of Israel from getting involved. AND they think they will attack and be done with Israel before any allies of Israel could muster troops to make a difference.

One would think Romney would have a world-view that would view an attack on Israel as an attack on the US. Ron Paul would let Israel fend for itself. Representatives of President Obama have said publicly to invade Israel is to attack the US, but he is shrinking the military and will be focusing on the US economy.

No matter who wins - the US will continue to pull out of the mid-east, and Russia will fill the vacuum with alliances with Turkey and Iran especially, but also Libya and Sudan no matter what happens in the election. Do you see the chess game being played out? If Russia lines up Turkey in the north, Iran in the east, and Libya, Sudan in the south and west - Israel could literally be driven into the sea, surrounded on all sides.

OK, that covers 1) military presence in the middle east and 2) US political will...
So what would be going on in the US that would cause Russia to think if they invaded Israel with a huge force neither the US nor anyone else would try to stop them? The economy. History repeats itself, and if you look at both WWI and WWII, in both cases Germany thought the US would be too weak-willed politically with weak-willed people, being preoccupied with the Great Depression, to get involved.

One factor in WW I was the sinking of the Lusitania that helped change the will of the people and politicians. In WW II it wasn't until December 7, 1941 turned the will of Washington and the people, that we got involved. We barely lifted a finger to help England in the Battle of Britain and would have let them lose in that summer and fall of 1940 if Hitler hadn't changed his plans.

So look for the US to focus on self, to withdrawal from the mid-east militarily, and for the US economy to become the focus of the nation. Look for Russia to fill the vacuum left by US withdrawals from the region.

But the invading force is wrong - Israel's allies WILL come to her defense
And that is where we'll pick it up next week.
John Fenn

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