Prophetic Update – End Times

Prophetic update

Israel, the Palestinian's, Turkey and Russia have all been in the news this past week, so I wanted to remind you of some of the things the Word says, and some things the Lord has said to me in visitations about these things, that there be no confusion nor fear.

First things...

Last Saturday Vladimir Putin announced he was running for President of Russia next year, essentially trading places once again with Dmirti Medvedev. This means he could rule Russia until 2024 (2 terms, 6 years each).

Long time readers will recall this is something the Lord told me in a visitation a couple years ago - that Putin would once again become President and when that happened, watch out. He didn't define 'watch out' at that time, but since then when I asked Him about it He said "...In those days the world will enter into great darkness, and great light."

Obviously the light is what He is doing, the darkness usually means persecution and other difficulties.

In fact 3 times in 3 separate visitations with me the Lord has mentioned Putin by name, so keep an eye on Russia. The only other thing He has said recently is that they (Russia) will start 'empire building' in earnest, and seek to swallow up nations on their borders.

He has said there are hidden things going on behind the scenes in many nations to put their people in place who will once again hold allegiances with Moscow. So look for developments from Eastern Europe down to Georgia and other nations around Turkey and such.

Secondly, and related to the above, is Turkey. Again, 3 times in 3 separate visitations through many years, the Lord has told me to watch Turkey. He first mentioned them in a visitation about 1991, then again about 10 years ago, then 2 years ago, and several times in between just in commentary by the Spirit rather than visitation when I'd see a news item and ask His or the Father's opinion on it.

He has consistently said these 3 things: Turkey will be rejected by Europe, they will turn towards militant Muslim government, and they will ally themselves with Russia.

This is important because Ezekiel 38 prophesies a military and economic confederation led by modern day Russia, with "Togarmah," who is the father of the Turkish people - and Persia (Iran) included as major players. It is this alliance that invades Israel in Ezekiel 38 and is defeated by Israel and her allies. After this brief war Ezekiel 39 says Israel will have a 7 year supply of fuel/oil/supplies and require 6 months to bury the enemy dead.

That war is NOT Armageddon; it is what will be World War 3. (I have a cd/MP3 series on WW3, and also on Armageddon and End Times, and more if interested in further study)

This alliance is taking shape very quickly, to the point Turkey threatened to challenge Israel's blockade of ships to Gaza.

So continue to watch the alliance between Turkey and Russia, and Russia and Iran.

Palestinian Issue

What I've noted for years in my teachings is that Ezekiel 38:11 says that when the Russian/Turkey/Iran alliance invades Israel they will "...come to the land of un-walled villages, to attack a people living in peace..."

Right now they are not at peace, so invasion is not imminent. What Ezekiel says is that before that invasion, on a local level there will be peace.

The scenario it sets up is a peace treaty in Israel on a local level, maybe even a Palestinian state - who knows what form it will take - but Ezekiel says everyone will be at rest - while on the international level a plot to invade will take shape...


That all these things would make headlines in the same week is amazing - Israel/Palestinian issue, Turkey threatens Israel, and Putin says he will be President next year - and they are all tied together in Ezekiel 38!

As a result of these things in a sort of taking stock of my own heart, my thoughts this week have been focused on the writers of the New Testament letters and where they were focused, for they lived with turmoil all around.

They lived in a time when being a Christian anywhere in the Roman Empire could mean a torturous death, or at least cultural hatred and bigotry aimed at any who called themselves 'Christian'. Yet the letters they wrote to the people who met in homes throughout the Empire were not inwardly focused, nor fear based, nor centered on world events unfolding around them.

In fact, if we didn't have outside historical documentation to tell us about the persecution and martyrdoms going on, we'd hardly know it just be reading the letters of Paul, James, Jude, John and Peter!

That is in such contrast to any one of us. When we email someone, friend or family, don't we include the good, bad and ugly of what life has thrown at us? Sometimes we focus on the bad, what 'the devil' did to us this week, how we must have breakthrough!

Yet Paul and the others were so consumed by what Jesus had done, was doing in them, among them, around them, that Paul considered his and other's afflictions 'light and momentary'. (II Cor 4:17)

Jesus and what He was doing in them was nearly all they wrote about! The little space they gave to note persecution or the devil was merely part of a larger whole that was focused on Jesus and His victory, and our ultimate victory as a result.

Yet all around me today people are spending their lives searching what comet or quake or wave or storm is going to cause what disaster by such and such date, which conspiracy theory may be credible, who may be anti-Christ, this formula or that, and on it goes.

So many distractions that usher God's peace out the door of our hearts in order to usher in confusion and fear! And people live in that!

When we DO have something in the news that relates to prophecy like the above information, by all means we should make note of the times we are living in. And there is nothing wrong with searching out things that relate to these major events. But we must never lose sight of our Lord.

He said in John 10:4-5 His sheep know His voice, and won't follow another's voice. In fact He says, "...they will run from him because they do not recognize a stranger's voice."

I long for the day when all who call themselves believers will become so Jesus-focused they won't even recognize the voice of the enemy...but will run the other way instead of entertain his thoughts under the guise of studying about God. And that's where I'll pick it up next week.

Blessings, be in peace,
John Fenn

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