Playing with the Weeds #3

Last Part of the Visitation

Last week I shared 7 elements the Lord spoke about concerning the body of Christ in this visitation.

It was an unusual visitation as I’ve only had 1 other where He gave me a bit of a history lesson. That was in 1992 when He said these things of the time when I was born again in 1974: “….of what you would call the ‘Charismatic Renewal’, a time when my people came out of the denominations because their needs were not being met. You met in home meetings, prayer groups, Bible studies, then soon (various) ministries started Bible schools to raise up leaders and many churches began as a result.” (You are a product of those churches)

“But now, many of those churches have become as rigid, inflexible, and set on their own agenda as the denominations that preceded them, and my people will come out of them in large numbers, and you will hear of home churches, prayer meetings, home Bible studies and such because those churches are not meeting my people’s needs…”

This Year

So this year He again went back to when I was first saved: “When you first came to know Me and the Father, there were no resources for you to run to when you worked through issues in your life. When you needed to work through issues with your dad (earth dad), you did so just between us. There were no conferences dealing with forgiveness, no Internet to access other people’s opinions, no books for your specific situation to read what others said on the subject – we worked through it together and I cherish those days.”

“Remember how big it was when your city got its first Christian bookstore? And then, when the second one opened on the west side how thrilled and amazed you were? Today, my people have all sorts of resources to learn from, opinions and teachings on nearly every subject their heart desires, and many are running to and fro looking for answers – to everywhere but Me and my Word.”

“These elements (see last week’s Thoughts) are nothing more than calling my people back to Me and the Father, to lay aside all the distractions and opinions and teachings that pull them this way and that, to return to Me. They know about Me, but they are spiritual babies even though they have filled their mind with much knowledge.”

“They don’t have the knowledge they should, and many know nothing as they should, for knowing Me should be their first priority. Those who should be spiritual adults by now, remain only infants in Me for they’ve filled their lives with the voices of others while choosing not to apply my Word to their thoughts and lives.”

“These are the people who will be most hurt in the days ahead; those who think they know Me, who think they know the Father, who think they know what faith is, yet they know more about us than truly knowing us. Their formulas will fail. Their false teachings will fail. However, some are already laying these aside as they answer the deep need in their spirit to know Me, and many are seeking. They shall find.”

“Hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches. Lay aside all those things and cling to Me, spend time getting to know the Father, spend time in the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. Find your answers in Me and my Word, not in the multitude of distractions which serve only to fill your mind with possibilities and error, opinion and formulas. Let us work through life’s issues together, for then you will become strong in Me and walk with Me through life…”

My Own Time of Distraction

When He was speaking, though He was gracious enough not to mention it though He certainly knew I was remembering it, I recalled when I was seeking the Baptism with the Holy Spirit and was guilty of the very thing He was talking about.

I read the Word, but then I read many, many books on the subject – all left me still seeking. It wasn’t until our friends Janny and Vic gathered Barb and me and we went out into the country, found a patch of grass on someone’s lawn, sat in a circle and they prayed for us to receive. My head was so filled with the words of others, it was hard for me to hear the voice of the Spirit leading me into the Baptism with the Spirit. (That’s the problem so many have today)

Finally, Janny said “Johnny, (she remains the only person in the world who calls me Johnny) if you quiet your thoughts and rest, you’ll find suggestions of words and syllables and combinations floating up from your spirit across your thoughts…when you see or sense those, grab hold of those and speak them out in faith, because that is the Holy Spirit giving you pieces of that prayer language. The devil will tell you it is just you, but the Word says ‘the Spirit gave them the utterance’, so you have to speak it out in faith.”

I had been so distracted by what others said about the Lord on the subject, it took a while for me to lay aside those other voices to hear that still, small voice suggesting this and that combinations of letters…but I did, and that day changed me life.


The season we are in as a body is one where we are being called to voluntarily lay aside all those voices – not to get rid of a computer or tv or books – but to become discerning and disciplined from what and whom we receive – and learn how to work through life’s issues WITH the Lord and us alone.

Many Christians grew up trained that the mega-church had all the answers like a mega-store has all the products one could ever need in life. Others were trained to go to this conference or that teacher for answers. Some are voracious readers and many now are sight and sound trained to listen to all the voices available.

But the Lord is saying in the days ahead, those who don’t know Him and how to get answers directly from Him, will have a difficult time. They will find they know about Him, but don’t truly know Him. The time is now for us to lay aside these other voices and just become focused on knowing God.

He is Calling us to Know Him

Let our hearts echo that of the apostle Paul, who in spite of his great training, his great spiritual experiences, in spite of being friends with the original apostles who walked with Jesus for other three years, said his heart’s #1 goal was this:

For my determined purpose is that I may know Him, that I may progressively become more deeply and intimately acquainted with Him, perceiving and recognizing and understanding the wonders of His Person more strongly and more clearly, and that I may in that same way come to know the power out flowing from His resurrection which it exerts over believers, and that I may so share His sufferings as to be continually transformed in spirit into His likeness,even to His death…” Philippians 3:10 AMP

Amen! New subject next week, blessings,
John Fenn

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