Playing with the Weeds #2

Rearranging Priorities
Last week I spoke of ‘playing with weeds’ as an introduction to a visitation I had in February from the Lord. When He appears to me He usually speaks to me about what He is doing in the body of Christ. This visitation was no exception. However, this visitation differed from other recent ones in the way He spoke of His body.

If you have read the messages to the 7 churches in Revelation chapters 2 and 3, you’ll know the Lord says with each, “He that has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches”, each accompanied before or after by a promise to “him who overcomes.”

Each of the 7 messages is different as each is sent to the body of Christ in a different city. Therefore each message is tailored exactly for the people in that city, yet on the other hand, the letter that became our book of The Revelation was copied and read by the whole body of Christ all over their world and certainly in ours.

Therefore each individual message is also for the body of Christ as a whole.

Family by Choice
As with all prophetic messages, they are received and acted upon voluntarily, by those who indeed do have an ear to hear what the Spirit is saying. To the rest, the message(s) are just blah blah blah in the wind.

When the Lord appeared to me He spoke of a very serious season now upon the body of Christ. To you who have heeded what the Spirit is saying already, you will recognize it. The Lord spoke of His body growing up, putting away childish things, becoming Christ-like, and all that is headed towards a unity in the body of true disciples unlike the world has seen since the book of Acts. That is the final outcome of the 7 points He outlined to me in February – unity in the body of Christ unlike the world has seen since Acts.

Seven Elements

These are the 7 things He spoke to me about:

1) Setting priorities in life geared towards maturity in Him. – When we reset our priorities in life, things once getting merely a glance, now become important, and those we once gave ourselves to, fall by the way side. When I was a child I played with children’s toys. When I became an adult I put them aside – no more thinking spiritual ‘weeds’ are something to chase.

That means no more throw away Christian relationships. No more cutting people out of our lives because we don’t agree with them, or they aren’t doing what we want them to do, or they changed churches. It means what Jesus said becomes #1 in our life, so we don’t hold onto grudges or hurts – we don’t have that luxury anymore.

2) Our brothers and sisters in the Lord are our family by choice. The brothers and sisters we fellowship with on a weekly basis, become our family. Especially in house church. When people become family (you can pick your friends but you have to love your family) they become more important in our lives. If we are doing nothing more than running errands and a brother or sister in the Lord needs help getting to a doctor’s appointment – family rearranges their errands to help the family member because they ARE family. We invest time with each other – getting together during lunch hours, over an evening meal – family by choice. What would your life look like if you made your closest Christian friends your family by choice?

3) The underground economy in the body, in which we care for one another in practical, every day ways. – Underground economy means exactly what it sounds like. Beneath all the traffic and people rushing this way and that, there is a group of believers who are helping their brothers and sisters in the Lord: I was…naked, hungry, thirsty, sick, in prison…and we clothed, fed, gave drink, visited them…invisible caring for one another no one sees but the people involved and the Lord.

4) Simplicity of faith; No more formulas, but instead truly know and walk with God, no distractions focusing on this or that ‘special’ teaching or latest and greatest thing hitting the Christian circuit. Simplicity of faith. Lay aside anything that complicates our faith. Don’t chase spiritual rainbows and butterflies. People by nature would rather have a miracle than do the hard work of making decisions to face their circumstances in the eye and admit they made mistakes and need help digging out of the hole they created. It is much easier to blame it on the devil or God or someone else – but simple faith says I just have to grow up in Christ as my #1 priority and I don’t care who is right or wrong; I must be like Jesus.

5) Purity; not using the grace of God as a license for sin, but as empowerment to live holy lives. Blessed are the pure, for they will see God. The Spirit is asking us to clean up our lives, but that can only be done if one really burns with the desire to see God – see Him in ourselves, our lives, our circumstances, to know Him.

6) Without fear; not reacting or acting out of fear of what will be, but moving forward through world events in simple and sincere faith, within a family and community of believers, doing good and growing in Him. He told me too many of His people are getting sidetracked by fear in the headlines of world events rather than learning how to receive the information without the spirit of fear attached. This was one of His most important points – to not do things out of fear; prudence yes, fear, no.

7) Focused; purposely setting aside distractions of faith and world attractions to focus our lives on Him and those disciples around us who are also on the same ‘spiritual page’. Our focus is to be like Him. That means anything that would tempt me to exalt self must fall by the way side. We are to walk in the light of what we have, and not be concerned with other people’s walks – that is their story before Him.

These 7 things He spoke to me about…you may hear in months ahead of some of these themes in conventions and conferences, in sermons and retreats – it is what the Spirit is saying to the churches…have an ear to hear and then apply yourself, and you will be one of those over comers.


More detail on each point next week…Blessings,

John Fenn

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