Days we live in #4

What the Lord said to me…

The Lord has appeared to me twice this year to tell me things upcoming in my own life and ministry, the second time a couple days after the March 11 quake in Japan. I really thought He would offer a comment on the unrest in the Muslim world and the quake, but other than giving me a couple brief words about them after (I finally broke in and asked Him outright), was this:

“What is this to you? Don’t cast in your mind what all these things mean, for these kinds of things must come to pass as it is written: You know this, but the end is not yet. As for you; you must be about the Father’s business, do those things and you will do well, and all will be well with you.”

Most of us feel planet earth is at a point in history that we can see a light at the end of the tunnel – we just hope that light isn’t a train! Either that light is the Lord, or it’s a looming disaster, but most people sense something is coming upon the world. (Thank you Rob for yet another great word picture)

Yet doing the Father’s business is the safest place to be, for no matter what swirls around us, it will swirl around us – we must be focused on walking in the light we have, and if we do that, we will be well.

How prophecy works

Someone has a ‘word from the Lord’, then others have dreams that seem to confirm the words which lends credibility to the words. Pretty soon people are tuned to the latest prophetic word and they focus on that.

Over the years I’ve heard many words, and here are a few starting with about 1978 for the USA: The USA will be attacked by the USSR by 1979 or 80, the rapture will happen in 1988, then an admitted miscalculation, 1989. God is going to judge the nation by physically splitting it into 2 pieces if Obama turns against Israel, also the ever popular rapture dating – this year the rapture will happen August 9 or 11th.

Stay with me now – this isn’t criticism, it’s Christian history so don’t take offense. There are words saying a tidal wave will wipe out much of the Netherlands, words that the door to Russia is about to slam shut, words that God judged Japan by the quake and a similar one will hit California soon. Oh, and Obama is the anti-Christ (seems each President as far back as I remember gets that prophesied over him).

Notice that I’ve mixed into my list the credible and the incredible – so how do you sort them all out?

Remember Jonah?

Jonah prophesied that Nineveh was going to be destroyed within 40 days – but it wasn’t. If you put that in our day, some might say that word wasn’t from God because it didn’t happen. Others would say prayer stopped it (true – they repented). (Jonah 3:4, 9-10)

Moses prophesied in Egypt to the Hebrew slaves that God was going to bring them into the Promised Land, yet they all died in the wilderness except Joshua and Caleb, and we all know the reason THAT word didn’t happen. (Ex 3:17, 4: 29-31, 6:8)

Malachi 4:5 says that Elijah will come before the Lord comes, yet Jesus said John the Baptist was Elijah in Matthew 11:14. So was Malachi’s word false, or was it fulfilled in type?

Then there are the false words, those which people speak of their own heart, of their own emotions, mixing spiritual with emotional, such as the fleshly prophecy of Hananiah before Jeremiah in chapter 28.

Words get fulfilled, get delayed, get fulfilled in type, or don’t happen at all! How do we sort it out?

Let us say all the modern ‘words’ are from the Lord, from tidal waves to continents splitting in two, for the sake of discussion. One can’t help but hear at least some of what is being circulated out there, so let’s just say they are all from God.

Allow me to retell this visitation. Years ago when I was a pastor in a traditional church we had a couple in leadership. Every guest speaker seemed to pick them out of the crowd and have a prophetic word for them, and over the course of a couple years each word was always the same that the previous guest speaker had said, and it was always about the travel and great things they would do in Him.

But their marriage fell apart and they moved and divorced. During a visitation I asked the Lord about them, and about the fact Isaiah 55 says ‘My word will not return to me void…but will accomplish that thing which sent it to do’. So I asked about this couple and how that word could ever happen for them.

The Lord offered this elegant teaching: “Some words will not come to pass in this age, but in the next.” I asked for chapter and verse because I’d never heard that before. “There are many prophecies in the Old Testament which jump over this age to speak of the age to come. So why is it hard for you to believe that some words in this age will come to pass in the next?” (Like Isaiah 11:6-8 where it says the lion will live with the lamb, and the leopard, young lion and goat will lie down together)

And what of Jonah, Moses, Elijah?

Nineveh was destroyed just as Jonah prophesied, but it was more than 120 years later, after the succeeding generations forgot about God, as Nahum prophesied. Moses’ word was fulfilled with the children of those prophesied to. And without a doubt the two witnesses who appear before the Lord returns in The Revelation 11 are Moses and Elijah, representing the Law and Prophecy proving Jesus is Christ (using same method they used in Lk 9:31 to Jesus, and Jesus used in Lk 24:27 to prove who He is, and Paul used - the two witnesses have the power to shut off the rain and hit the earth with plagues like turning water to blood at will)

So those words all came to pass in some form, or in type, or were merely delayed….

So let’s say all those words out there ARE from God, again for the sake of discussion. Then we must consider that they will all come to pass in some form or fashion, but maybe not until later in this age, or even at the very end, or even at the end of the 1,000 year reign of Jesus on the earth. We just don’t know.

But what we DO know, is what the Lord told me above: “As for you; you must be about the Father’s business, do those things and you will do well, and all will be well with you.”

If I eat only meat each meal, I won’t be healthy. If I eat only chocolate each meal, I won’t be happy (some may argue that point :). All the words of prophecy floating around out there are like eating the same thing for every meal. If you do that you won’t be healthy; you will soon suffer from spiritual malnutrition.

We must ‘eat’ a balanced spiritual diet. Be aware of prophecy floating around out there, but also consume as much or more of the basic ‘food groups’ – the Word, worship, prayer, fellowship, evangelism. Don’t become so focused on say, deliverance, that you see a demon behind every bush. The same could be said of the prayer movement, or even house church, for some (not me) are so focused on house church they think any other way of ‘doing church’ is wrong. Balance folks, balance, and you’ll be in peace.

Do you want something to pray about? I can tell you the things the Father has shown my wife and I – showed her, spoke to me – we work in tandem like that often. These are things we’ve been asked to pray about – that they might be avoided, or lessened altogether.

When the Father reveals something, no matter how bad it is, there is always peace associated and attached to it. When Satan puts something out there, fear is attached. It’s the basic James 3 teaching: The wisdom from the earth is confusion and fear, the wisdom from above is pure, peaceful, gentle.

This spring through part of summer is a bit of a rest time, a time of preparation for those who have an ear to hear. August the request was concerning war in Israel, specifically them being provoked to respond for the purpose of protection (Hamas/Iran). September through the end of the year is for the economy – and a few other things. But there was as always, peace attached.

Prayer is powerful – in Matthew 24:20 Jesus talked of anti-Christ in Jerusalem, but then in v24 He said to pray that it not happen in winter nor on the Sabbath – so while some things are fixed in stone, even with this huge prophecy, the season of the year and day of the week is subject to change. Prayer is powerful, let us be about the Father’s business and focused only on that.

John Fenn


  1. Susan

    On Apr 17, 2011

    Good word!
    Regarding the couple in leadership that (quote) .. “Every guest speaker seemed to pick them out of the crowd and have a prophetic word for them, and over the course of a couple years each word was always the same that the previous guest speaker had said, and it was always about the travel and great things they would do in Him. But their marriage fell apart and they moved and divorced.”

    Could it also be that in many cases the fulfillment of prophetic words given to people are dependent upon their choices and decisions?

    It is stated about Joseph in Psalms 105:1…” Until the time that his word came: the word of the Lord tried him.”

    Perhaps, some people are not willing to endure the process of having the “word of the Lord” try them, give up and let go of that word.

  2. Kevin Waltman

    On May 13, 2011

    I was watching the Sidroth Its Supernatural show. Right before I switched channels to Daystar at the same time, that very hour I had been weeping in worry, whether if my deceased father which died May 13, 2009 had made it to heaven or not. At the end of the show, You, John Fenn began to speak of a word you reveived from God. You described the setting of our house, one end looking to the left and the other looking to the left. My mother was looking to her left to me for my support in her grief. I was looking to my left toward her in supporting her in her grief. You described somebody leaning back in a recliner with a red robe or blanket over themselves. At that time my mother had a red blanket over her. Our household at that time was just like you said you felt , very heavy and sorrowful. That very our I had been weeping in worry if my dad made it to heaven. At the end of the show your last words were, I quote,”He made it”. At that moment I knew I heard a supernatural word from God. I ordered a tape from Its Supernatural from It turned out to be the wrong tape. Will you help me get the right tape, Please? My cell phone number is 918.798.8740. My home phone number is 918.225.2958.
    Mailing Address: Kevin Waltman
    1510 E’. Oak
    Cushing OK 74023

  3. Donnie Jacob

    On Aug 7, 2011

    Wow!! Pastor John Fenn!! beautifully presented,..Really speaking to my heart..Thank You Pastor Fenn!! God bless You!