September 2017 Newsletter

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I'll get right to the point...


Especially for the US

People have been asking me about what the Father told me some 15 or so years ago (but made public I think around 2008) about 2 hurricanes hitting the US. He said there would be 2 hurricanes hit the US that would be very costly, and to watch for that. After those 2 storms would come a California earthquake, and after that (I don't know how long between these things as He didn't say) an earthquake would happen in an area not normally thought of as being earthquake prone. There are two areas He has said to pray for in particular, and because of other things He said I'm not willing to share, I'll just say Seattle and St. Louis need prayer.


I'll share this - the Father didn't mention by name that city not normally thought of us having earthquakes, His word came in part in vision form, as so often happens between me and Him. A couple of years later I was driving through St. Louis and suddenly came upon old red brick buildings that I recognized as crumbling from an earthquake in the vision. Praying for the Memphis-St. Louis areas. Seattle involves earthquake and volcanic activity, but...we'll leave the rest for prayer.


Back to the hurricanes:

He said the first hurricane would be very costly and strain the government at a time when Congress had many things to consider. The second would also put a large strain on the US economy, and when the nation was recovering from those 2 storms, an earthquake would happen in California as well. Since they are still receiving from Katrina some 12 years later, I don't know what to expect in terms of the timing of these things - we will have to wait and see.


I wondered at first if Katrina and 12 years later Harvey were the 2 hurricanes, though when He spoke the impression was the 2 would be back to back. So I am thinking Harvey and Irma fit that description. But I am writing this while Irma is still out in the Atlantic - I'm wondering with the rest of you, lol.


The trouble with prophecy is that it is only seen in hindsight. A good example is Matthew 2: 5, 15, and 23 where 3 separate prophecies are quoted saying Messiah would be from Bethlehem, Egypt, and Nazareth. There was no way to know He would be born in Bethlehem, move to Egypt for a time, and return to and grow up in Nazareth. Only after the fact were these prophecies understood.


I also wanted to share some more detail about what the Lord told me about this fall when He visited me in June of this year. It is a matter of prayer, but He just laid it out there saying this: "If Congress does not pass expected legislation this fall investors in the stock market will lose confidence and there will be a large collapse similar to 2008, but greater in scope. The 2008 collapse involved a few institutions and bad policy, this involves the administration and Congress's inability to enact the President's agenda. If this collapse happens it will affect the economies of the whole world and affect the nation and its politics through the next election cycle."


There was more, but you get the idea - prayer for Congress to do what is right, what most of them were elected for- He didn't clarify what He alluded to about the next election cycle - it is all a matter of prayer that it can be stopped or delayed, who knows the mercy of the Lord. My job is just to let people know.


What He said November 4, 2001

Some of you will recall what the Lord told me when He appeared to me and told me to start our house church network. The conversation went like this:


"You've been doing the work of an apostle, but not I'm laying hands on you as an apostle for this task: I want you to start a house church and house church network, and structure it in such a way to facilitate the development of house churches around the world." I let Him lay hands on me of course, but I asked in a rather stunned way (I was happy doing what i was doing in ministry) "Do you have a name in mind for it?" and without hesitation He said: "The Church Without Walls International." (CWOWI) Then I asked why He wanted me to do this and He responded:


"It's against a time to come. Be a resource for them, for it is against a time to come." 


'Against a time to come' means a storehouse, something built up before the need is seen, and that is CWOWI. We are network of family based churches that meet in homes which have been to a degree but will be even more so, a storehouse against a future time.


The days of disposable relationships is over, if you're hearing what the Spirit is saying. The time to be doers of the Life of Christ in us is now. Move up on your priority list members of the body of Christ you are on the same spiritual page with.


At this point some 15 years later CWOWI has affiliated house churches all over the world, and the ones that work best truly depend each other to walk through life with. If you study Christian history you'll know there are 2 main factors in the growth of the body of Christ: Persecution and economic hardship. This is in line with what Jesus said He was going to be looking for at His return, as stated in Matthew 25: 31- 40 "When the King shall come...and sit upon His throne...He will say to those on HIs right hand, 'Come you blessed of my Father and receive the kingdom that was prepared for you from the foundation of the world. For I was hungry and you fed me, naked and you clothed me, sick and in prison and you visited me....insomuch you did these things to these my brethren you have done it to me."


His priorities aren't buildings and being relevant to society, competing shamelessly with other building based churches for attendees, rather are we taking care of one another? Are we in relationship and fellowship with one another? Do we more involved in people's lives than just seeing them Sunday to Sunday to Sunday?


People, not buildings, are our resources. Friendship, sharing life - sharing difficulties and joys, challenges and victories with one another - related to one another in family based churches that meet in homes - Even when economies are are full speed and culture loves righteousness, things happen that require us to depend on one another. Be ahead of the curve and develop friendships now with people you're on the same spiritual page with.


Start by inviting a friend over for a meal, have some talk, some prayer, maybe some worship or sharing what the Lord has shown you for your life - build on that. Our priorities are helping the body of Christ, as Paul said, "Do good to all men, but especially the household of faith." Galatians 6:10


Travels/Other news - our October New England conference October 7-8 in Manchester, New Hampshire - I know besides Barb and myself we'll have Wil and Ank from the Netherlands, at least 2 from California, and also from our Granby, Quebec affiliate - plus others in the New England area. for information.


I'm making a driving loop in the US starting November 4 in Indianapolis, the 5th in Columbia City, Indiana (north central part), then the Grand Rapids area the 6th, and still being planned for the rest of the week, but will for include the Kenosha, Wisconsin area, and I hope down through Cedar Rapids and Des Moines at least...details to follow.


Barb and I are taking 10 days to ourselves from September 7-18 so I will have very limited email/Skype/Messenger/Voxer/GroupMe/WhatsApp and other social media contact - I do plan to do my Wednesday 8am Facebook live while out of the office...but taking some time off other than that. Thank you for your prayer and financial support. You are truly appreciated! And know that those who ask for prayer, when they email or in the US mail in requests, your needs are being prayed for.


John & Barb

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