September 2015 Newsletter

Hello friends!

First I want to mention a prayer request and an update about our Iranian affiliate. But because this e-newsletter goes to so many nations and thousands of people I only wrote some detail in the mail-out newsletter within the USA. If you wish an update and are within our CWOWI network (for those outside the US) you’ll need to email me for details. If you are within the USA you need to read the mail-out newsletter for details, as the e-newsletter and the mail-out newsletter do not have the same content.


I’ll just say: Please pray for the Iranian believers in the house churches there, and their main leader in particular over the next month. Thank you.


Rapture crazy

Many people were excited about the rapture maybe happening last or this week ‘because everything has been fulfilled that needs to be fulfilled’, which is incorrect, but if you listen to only 1 stream of the faith you’d get the idea that all is set. It is not, in spite of what people on Facebook and the internet proclaim.


While no one knows when the Lord will return for His body, Paul says that He will not come as a thief in the night to us – the example being that a thief breaks in to someone’s home to take that which does not belong to him, which is how the world will view the catching away of the church as people are to them, stolen from them.


We can look at the times and seasons, and in that we know that the next big event is the Ezekiel 38 & 39 war between Russia and Iran and their allies against Israel and her allies.


Prophetic insight: Remember what I wrote before

I had written some time back and even have a cd/MP3 series, how that Ezekiel 38:1-7 speaks of an alliance between what would become modern Russia, Turkey, Iran (Persia, which could include Iraq as well), Sudan, and Libya, among others, telling our modern Russia to ‘be a guard to them’.


I had commented that verse 12 says they will attack Israel to take a spoil, with other nations asking in verse 13, “What do you think you are doing, are you trying to take a spoil?”


These verses indicate the response from the world at least initially, will be verbal – diplomatic – as they watch Russia and allies gather themselves for invasion. The point I brought up is that in order for such an alliance to think they can invade Israel safely, with only diplomatic objections, means they will have had to have a series of successful smaller incursions into other countries that give them the confidence to gather against Israel. Part of these could include lesser ‘alliances’ like the virtual annexing of northern Kazakhstan and the firming up of relations with Belarus, for instance.


This part of prophecy is just now forming, as the world has witnessed and up to now only diplomatically objected to smaller advances of Russia into Chechnya, Georgia, Ukraine, and now Syria. And understand a major part of this. In 1994 then President Clinton signed a treaty with Ukraine promising that if they were invaded, the US would militarily defend them against any invasion.                            


When that treaty was tested and the current President did nothing more than register economic and diplomatic objections, it established a pattern for what we see going on now in Syria and bolder moves in Ukraine, for example. This will eventually lead the alliance gathered against Israel to think things will continue as they have in the past, treaties promising to defend them they assume won’t be honored, and only diplomatic and/or economic objections will be the ramifications, while they are enriched upon wiping Israel off the map. That miscalculation will be their downfall.


These things must come to pass, and more, in order to provide this alliance (which is still in process of being formed), the confidence they will need to think they can invade Israel with only diplomatic outcry.


Another scripture to consider

A scripture yet to be fulfilled is Isaiah 17:1, which says Damascus will be a ‘ruined heap’ or as the Amplified says, ‘Cease to be a city’. That has never been fulfilled, for it (Damascus) is generally regarded to be the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world. I believe 17:1 will happen during the Ezekiel 38-39 war, because the invading army comes out of the north (v15), at least in part through Syria.


What we’ll see in the coming days and years is boldness on Russia’s part, and a tightening of the alliance against them Ezekiel states.


Notice also that Ezekiel says this invasion will come at a time when Israel is at rest, living safely (v11), which could indicate that there will be a localized peace treaty between Israel and the Palestinians on the West Bank. Whether there is going to be such a treaty we don’t know, just that on a local level Ezekiel prophesies they are living in peace and safety. So it is entirely possible locally Israel is living in peace, while war looms on the horizon in the surrounding nations.


The war turns out differently than what they think

In 38:21-22 the Lord says He is calling for a sword against the invading army among all His ‘mountains’. Mountains in the prophetic means nations – In Daniel 2:34-35 Nebuchadnezzar saw a huge stone crush the feet of the statue in his vision, and that stone grew to become a huge mountain that will fill the whole earth. Daniel explains in v44 that mountain is God’s kingdom which will never be destroyed – so when the Lord calls for His mountains to join Israel in the fight against the Russian alliance, know that it will happen. Chapter 39 says Israel wins, they require 7 months to bury the enemy dead, and will be left with a 7 year supply if goods and resources gathered from the defeated army.


So rather than be rapture crazy, realize there is a lot yet to fall into place, and while we may be getting close, let us be focused on living our lives in the NOW while being wise in the natural. I remember when the Lord visited me during the Arab spring, as I’ve shared in this space, and I pressed Him for details. After telling me a few things His reply was: “But what are these things to you? As for you, you must be about the Father’s business.” I’ve stayed focused on that since.

Look for news about Turkey. Look for news about Russia advancing. Look for news of Israel and local peace with the Palestinians. (It could even be the region is so focused on ISIS they let Israel alone for a season.)


Ordering our steps

A good friend’s funeral was today (as I write this), and Barb and I watched it online – it was web-cast to many nations, such was his reach and impact. His name was Dave Duell, and we’ve known the Duell’s for over 35 years. He ordained me in 1980 and the Lord gave him prophetic words that have since come to pass in our lives. Through the years we’d have him speak in our churches when we were pastors in the auditorium setting, and have continued to stay in touch after we moved to Oklahoma.


He called about 3 months ago saying he was going to be in Tulsa and wanted to know if I was available for lunch or dinner. Unfortunately I would be on a ministry trip when he was in town, so we just talked for about an hour, reminiscing and sharing current things we were doing in ministry. I’ve told several of his funny and amazing stories for years, and he shared more details ‘behind the scenes’ for me on a couple of them.


His death came suddenly, after a short illness, and I am so thankful the Father arranged that Dave and I were able to talk on the phone before his home-going. The older I get the more I am thankful for and notice, the Father ordering my steps – those are the little graces and considerations He does for His kids – but you have to look for and acknowledge them when you realize His hand in ‘coincidences.’                                                                                                                                       

When times are uncertain Hebrews 10:32 says to ‘call to remembrance the former days when you were first enlightened…’ In other words, look back at His faithfulness, His coincidences, which are proof of His control in our lives – and based on that track record we can have faith of His present and future faithfulness and control in our lives. Rest in the strength of His character, He has proven Himself!


Trips – Florida 9/23-29 and New England 10/12-19. (Manchester, New Hampshire contact is: for information) Email me for hosts’ contact information if it isn’t posted on the header of my emails.


Chris is doing well, and understands when I have to go on a trip and ‘tell people about Jesus’. But keep him in prayer please. When I’ve been gone as much as I have it messes up his sense of when dad is going to be home, and the group home (and Barb and I) have had anger and cooperation issues with him not wanting to go to the workshop, where he does crafts and menial jobs for pay. Thanks!


Barb and I appreciate your prayers and financial support – we see such a strong presence of the Lord and the Father in the meetings – often healing of deep issues, often very personal touches from the Lord.


I know I say it often, but it is heart-felt: Thank you for being part of our lives!



        John & Barb (and Chris)

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