October 2014 Newsletter

Hi all,

I want to tell you a funny story with Chris, and then share a couple of prophetic things the Lord told me.


Chris remodel

In this remodel we are expanding Chris’ room 4’ (1m) one way and 2’ (.5m) the other way, but the expansion has meant the small bathroom he used has had every wall taken down, every fixture removed, leaving for 1 week, the toilet of white porcelain sitting like a lone tree in a desert, with nothing but bare floor for several feet in all directions.

I had told the construction crew to leave the toilet untouched and just work around it so Chris could get an understanding of what was happening, but I knew he didn’t grasp it.

To walk him to the toilet I get behind him under his arms, and walk him with him supporting part of his weight as he can move his legs. As we came through the opening to the island toilet, upon seeing the wide open spaces with nothing around it, Chris exclaimed, “Wow dad. That’s the biggest bathroom I’ve ever seen!”

I laughed as I walked him in, and once set he just looked around at everything in silence. He told me ‘Shut the door dad’, but I had to reply, “There isn’t any door to close Chris, but I’ll go to the other room and turn on the TV and you call me when you are done.” I peeked around the corner one more time and he was still sitting there staring, able to look through the windows to our yard, trying to understand what we were doing. But for sure, it was the biggest bathroom he had ever seen.


2 prophetic words

This is something the Lord told me in a visitation earlier this year, and repeated the same basic theme in several more visitations:

“Hear what the Spirit is saying to the church. The time is coming and now is, for my people to know to whom they belong.” I asked for an example in scripture to know what He meant, and He said “In Acts 4:23 when Peter and John were released they went to their own. They knew to whom they belonged. The season now is for my people to know to whom they belong. They have had time to wander here and there, to examine fads that rise and fall only to discover they are not lasting, to discover in many cases by process of elimination, what is not for them. Many have wandered, searching where to belong, only to learn more where they do not belong than where they do.”

“Many of those who have wandered some or most of these past 10 years or more are now ready for the real, for what I told you that February (2001); ‘As it was in the beginning so it must be now, I am moving in relationships’. This means it is time for my body to grow up and know faith, know me, know who they are and what they believe. This is a season of growth for many in my body, for times are coming in the west when those who thought they knew what faith is, will discover they knew nothing of faith, but only formulas and ritual. For those who have an ear to hear, they will be ahead of the times and be prepared, others will have difficulty because they have lagged behind in what they’ve known they were supposed to do.”

He also reminded me of Acts 12:12 where Peter, having been released from prison deep into the night came to himself and “when he considered the thing, he came to the house of Mary, the mother of John Mark, where many were gathered together praying.”

After He left the first thought that flooded my mind was this: How many people if released from prison in the middle of the night would ‘consider the thing’ and know exactly whose house they could go to where people would be praying for them? We are to know to whom we belong – and who belongs to us!


Arab air forces prophetic

I had heard on the news that some Arab nations’ air forces were being used against ISIS, and I asked the Father what He thought of that. He said simply: “The use of Arab air forces is prophetically significant.” I know Him well enough to know when He makes a 1 line statement with no further comment it is because I have a basis of understanding to apply the context. Ezekiel 38-39 describes a future invasion of Israel by a Russian, Turkish, Iranian (Persian) led alliance. Ezekiel 38:13 mentions when they invade “Sheba & Dedan and the merchants of Tarshish, with all the young lions thereof, will say ‘Have you come to take a spoil? To carry away prey?”

Sheba & Dedan are usually considered to be ancient Arab nations south and east of Israel and usually placed in the Saudi Arabian peninsula that today includes Saudi Arabia (whose Air Force was used), Yemen (Air Force used), UAE (Air Force used) and Qatar (Air Force used), Bahrain (Air Force used). http://www.cnn.com/2014/09/23/world/meast/syria-airstrikes-countries-involved/index.html

Some believe the land of Sheba included Ethiopia and that region on the horn of Africa. Some commentators think Sheba & Dedan won’t be participating in the war but will be glad it happens, reading their question “Have you come to take spoil?” as a jealous reaction. Others say they will join with the other nations allied with Israel to fight against the invaders and their “Have you come to take spoil?” is standing up to the invading force with force.

It is clear from 38:21 several nations will ally with Israel, for it says: “I will call for a sword among all my mountains, every man’s sword will be against his brother…” In the prophetic, ‘mountains’ stand for nations. (Daniel 2: 31-35; 9:20, etc) So we watch with interest Muslim nations becoming involved militarily against ISIS and in the Middle East. I’ve shared many times the Lord has also told me many times; “Watch Turkey.” If we see headlines about Turkey becoming militarily involved that will be significant as well.


The times and seasons

Some will remember me saying in this space sometime back the Father had told me through this fall, 2014, we would see a change-over in leadership. He said that to me as a comment about Christian leaders who were going to die and told me to notice there wasn’t a new ‘big name’ to step into their shoes, for this move of the Spirit is that of the people, not big names.

He also said we’d see a changeover politically, at least in the US, things changing through this November’s elections. I can also tell you now He spoke of economic changes coming world-wide, focused over the fall, winter, and spring of next year – into summer 2015. Whole systems will be changing, new priorities and nations jockeying for position – so look for that sort of news in international economics.


Personal prayer requests

CWOWI continues to grow in the US and internationally, and my time is in greater demand for Skype calls, phone calls, email, and people asking me to travel to meetings in their state or nation. I need prayer for wisdom.

We are tired. We started this remodel process about a year ago, drawing changes needed to the house to accommodate Chris for his visits, a larger office for me and space for Barb as she is the record keeper for Chris and CWOWI. Foundation work began in May, and we have about a month more work to be done – tiling Chris’ bathroom, buying a sink that a wheelchair can roll under, additional heat/air capacity of $4500, and so on.

All through this process our ministry travels haven’t stopped, nor has any part of the ministry slowed down – only increased! Pray for us. We want to rest over the holidays and trust the Father has a season of rest and peace for us. It’s hard to have workers in and out of your house from 7-5 every weekday! The noise, vibration, needing input, etc.

To those who have given to this project, we thank you so very much. We are a bit short on Chris’ part, not realizing some of the infrastructure needing updated like heat/air/water, and such – but the Father is good and we know needs are met.

It is a privilege to pray for you as you email and mail prayer requests, and we continue to be amazed how relationship based faith meeting in homes is growing so fast. Thank you for being part of our lives!

Blessings and love,

John & Barb

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