October 2013 Newsletter

Dear friends,

Remember what I shared from the Father this spring, that the fall would be a time of confusion, not knowing what to do or where to turn, and the US would have a time of unrest through spring (April). We are seeing this played out in our headlines, but just set your heart on peace especially over the next 6 months and know the Father’s will is done in our lives no matter what.

 Barb and I were talking yesterday about how no matter what was going on around Jesus, the Father’s will for Him continued. But that was because Jesus stayed focused on the Father’s will, and used what others said merely for His own information.

For instance, Jesus asked who the people were saying He was. The answer was, ‘Some are saying John the Baptist back from the dead, or Elijah and some say Jeremiah or one of the prophets.’ In other words – the people were saying a lot of everything except the truth. All they were saying was distraction. Jesus went about His business and the information had no bearing on His life, it was just information.    

We also talked how Jesus said people (outside the family of God) were going about their business normally in Noah’s day, “And didn’t know until the flood came and took them all away.” But Noah and family were focused the whole time on the Ark – a type of Jesus. Those who didn’t listen to Noah had to be left to themselves while Noah remained focused on God’s will for him.  (Matthew 16:14/23:38-39)                                                                       

Something else He said: A couple weeks ago the Father told me; “You’re going to see is a change-over of the generations (in the body and in politics). In the coming days, weeks, and months several notable ministers will die (and there will also be political turnover in the future). Look at the generation that is taking their place. There are no ‘big names’ as in times past for this move is a move of the body.”

A few days after He said that Pastor Chuck Smith died, who was the pastor of the ‘Jesus people’ in the late 1960’s. Politically we are seeing a battle in both parties for the souls of their parties and the future of the USA. Keep it in prayer, watch for notable ministers dying and turnover in the political arena over the next year.

Do you remember this from September of 2003?

In September of 2003 I asked the Father about the nation and how we were doing and He said this: “(You are) OK for now, but watch out when Hillary takes office.” Many of you will recall I shared that at the time, but some of you have joined my email list since then, so this may be news to you.

At the time Hillary Clinton was a US Senator, so she was already ‘in office’ in that way. The only other offices possible if moving up, was Secretary of State, Vice President, and President. Prophecy has a way of being fulfilled by degrees and shades. For instance, Jesus said John the Baptist was Elijah who was to precede the coming of the Lord. And so he was, but later in Revelation 11 it is clear that one of the 2 prophets is Elijah, literally Elijah, ministering supernaturally to Israel about Jesus being Messiah.

So when the Father said ‘Watch out when Hillary takes office’, we saw an uptick, an increase in the ‘watch out’ fulfillment when she became Secretary of State – and certainly in those day much has happened in the US and world to warrant ‘watch out’. Everyone is speculating whether she will run in 2016, and we don’t know. But it is also interesting when natural events seems to intersect with something the Father has spoken to me.                                                                                                                           

Every economist I’ve read or heard has said the US has 2-4 years maximum before the national debt cripples the economy beyond the ability of Congress to fix – up till now they’ve just kicked the can down the road so to speak, granting debt ceiling raises and printing more money.                                                 

So those are some natural things. Often the spiritual mirrors the natural, and as I was praying and contemplating the rise in political conservatives who want to cut the federal government back to a minimum, core existence, the Lord said this to me:                                                                                    

“You are going to see a core of my people rise up who want none of the distractions, none of the game-playing, none of the sin of the world – they just want Me and My presence in their lives. This is what I’ve told you that you are called to do, to share the ways of the Father’s Spirit with my body, to lead them into the Presence of the Father.

Be warned though. You will hear of people trying to market the Father’s presence as other themes have been marketed and risen and fallen over the years in my body, and many will run here and there to be ‘in the Presence’. But the true move is a move of purity, where the Father’s presence will be known and those who experience Him will know the sacredness of their time in the Spirit. They will value and esteem time in the Spirit, and hold it dear to them. These are not interested in having their ears tickled nor do they want merely an experience – they long for our abiding Presence in their lives, and it is to them that we come. They are throwing off the shackles of man-made religion and running to the Father with desperation. Didn’t I say the Father seeks those to worship Him in spirit and truth? These are the days you will see a mighty move in this area….” (I’ll stop there as the rest was more personal for me)     

The whole body of Christ functions by revelation, therefore the most important thing we can do in house church meetings is to seek His presence and revelation. This may come through inspired teaching and discussion, worship, a time of silence in His presence, and ministry to others whereby the gifts of the Spirit may flow. I just know this; If we truly enter into His presence when we meet, the rest falls into place.                                                              

Update on Chris                                                                                                                      

We appreciate the prayers and emails asking about Chris. This last Thursday we went for his 3 month exam, which meant once again putting him to sleep so they could work on his teeth and gums. The dentist/orthodontist weighed together his dental care at the group home, Chris’ pain level, the progress of pulling his teeth down and around properly, and we all decided to call it ‘good enough’. The wires and braces were removed, epoxy composite bonding was added to even out the teeth, and we are done!

Pray for us for wisdom, as Barb and I have been talking about the need to visit so many in so many nations, yet not being too busy so as to neglect Chris, our own well-being and being able to maintain things at home. House church as a movement is growing, and so is CWOWI, and I’ve been stretched this year more than any other year since starting CWOWI – wisdom!

Thank you for your prayers and financial support – you are helping change lives in dozens of nations and keeping us going – such an impact!


John & Barb

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