October 2012 Newsletter

Dear friends,

Barb and I just returned from our  trip visiting friends and affiliates in New England, and were thrilled that so  many people flew or drove in during the week to join us. Every meeting was  different, ranging from Q&A to very anointed times of worship and ministry  by the Holy Spirit. Thank you to those who hosted us, and to all who invested  time and money to come!

But now that our travels are  finished for the year I look forward to completing this fall and winter the  Bible school courses of OT and NT Survey and another course or two.

It is also a time to reflect and give thanks, so my thoughts have been  about how I have been impacted by many of you over this past year – by meeting  people in our travels I only knew by email before, or renewing acquaintances and  friendships, by those of you who have emailed ‘thanks’ because a Weekly Thought  touched you, or you emailed a question, by the prayer requests written on  offering envelopes, by your financial support, by notes saying ‘I’m praying for  you’. You have positively influenced our lives!

As Paul told the Corinthians in II  Corinthians 3:1-4: “You…are written on our hearts…written not with ink, but by  the Spirit of the Living God…written not on tablets of stone (today we’d say  pages), but on (pages) of the human heart.” This is how I feel about all of  you!



Have you ever had a peace about yourself and your life down in your  spirit, yet when your thoughts go to someone or something else, you get a heavy  feeling? That’s the way 2013 feels when I ponder the future. Unrest, unsettled,  and clashes are three words in my spirit for next year, in the areas of society  and economy, and there will be other difficulties as  well.

But when you stay focused on the  peace of God in your spirit you find yourself a bit detached from emotional  turmoil, and that’s what I encourage us all to do. Paul said in Philippians  4:6-9 to be full of care about nothing, but pray and think on good and pure  things, and then the peace of God will guard our hearts and minds.

In verse 7 the Greek word ‘keep’ or ‘guard’ means to ‘hem in, surround’. It is a picture of a city protected and surrounded by huge walls – let the peace  of God in your spirit dominate your thoughts, that no matter what is going on;  we don’t venture in our thoughts outside those walls of peace, and make  decisions from the position of peace, safety, and having already won. I hope  that makes sense, but that has worked for me for decades. Don’t fear, do what is  right and wise and prudent, but decide things when in peace, not when in fear.

Thank you for caring for us! You are written on the page of our hearts,  John and Barb

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