November 2014 Newsletter

Hi all,

I’ll share an update on our remodel, some prophetic things, and a general update.

IMG_8273Sometime before Thanksgiving Chris’ bathroom will be functioning. We’ve had a horrible couplIMG_8272e of weeks due to an issue with the company laying the tile, centering around a disagreement between the installer and his boss which led to him walking off the job after having gotten about one third of the way through, leaving us caught in the middle!

We’ve hired another installer and received a refund of the labor money we had previously paid, but all that plus $1400 more goes to the new installer who is more experienced and therefore more expensive…and so it goes.

That is why the 2 pictures of his bathroom show a space on the left for his walk in tub and a space on the right for the roll in shower – the installer laid down most of the backer board the tile goes on, but walked off the job at that point. Argh! After the tile is down, we will buy a double sink with the right sink being handicapped accessible, and have a carpenter fashion a roll-under top a wheelchair can fit under.IMG_8271

Chris’ bedroom is functioning and you can see we made do for his home visit Friday/Saturday. Part of his bed is on carpet, the rest is the 4’ expansion we’ll carpet later. Then doors as we can afford, and once those are bought, someone to do the installation and trim as Barb doesn’t trust my ability to hang doors. That’s based on her seeing my work on other doors, and I have to admit she is right. LOL

But we are making progress! We’ve painted walls and ceilings and are ready for doors and trim, then carpet – and our area gets high speed internet in May which will enable me to do web casts and video seminars from my office now enlarged enough to set up a little studio to do so – yippee!



You will recall last summer I shared the Father told me we were entering a season of changeover and unexpected deaths in Christian leaders that would take place from then through this fall (and into winter). Remember He said to note when these leaders die there are no ‘big names’ to replace them, for this move is a move of the body, not of superstar individuals.

With the tragic death of Myles Munroe this month being merely the latest of a long string of resignations and deaths among Christian leaders over the last nearly 18 months, we see these things have spanned the whole of the body of Christ rather than a particular ‘stream’ of the faith. He didn’t say at the time when this season would end, but He recently told me the season would end with the soon coming home-going of Billy Graham.

Also remember how He said there would be a changeover in the US in leadership in the November 2014 elections as well.  What I didn’t share at that time because it wasn’t relevant was that He had added this: “Contrary to what you are thinking, the US economy will collapse when conservatives are in command, though not directly through those in office at the time nor entirely of their own doing, for others are also conspiring against the US. But they will get the blame, and it will open the door for cries of larger government according to what I told you during the Bush/Kerry race, and unleash anger towards conservatives and persecution against my people in government and culture.”

What He had told me during the Bush/Kerry race and I shared at the time was in response to my question that the race felt different in the Spirit, there was a spirit attached to it and I asked what it was. He said this: “It is the spirit of socialism; It can be delayed but it won’t be stopped.” I asked where it came from and He responded: “It came from Europe, for there are those in this country that think the US should be like Europe, but that is not what I’ve called this country to.”

I found it interesting He used the word ‘in command’ which indicates to me conservatives will be able to do most of what they want, if they will do so – As He told me that in the summer of 2013, it remains to be seen if He was talking about the most recently Congressional and Gubernatorial elections, or if a conservative in the White House would also be part of the mix. He has a way of layering prophecies so I’ll ‘put it on a shelf’ and wait and see.

Unrelated, 2 weeks ago the Father told me this: “You’re about to see the currencies, alliances, and economies of whole nations be rearranged in the coming months, and you will hear of treaties and agreements in these areas, so observe.” Some of this has to do with Eastern Europe and some in the Middle East…so observe…

I had this written and ready to send when I saw on the news this morning that ISIS has plans to begin minting its own currency, so that is interesting, but I don’t know if that is part of what He was talking about when He told me 2 weeks ago. Since then there was also a meeting in China about the world economy, so I watch and observe, and pray!

While all these things are interesting, they don’t move us from the peace in our spirit man, for we must be about the Father’s business. Maintaining that focus is key!


House Church

We are done traveling for the year and we look forward to being more in touch with our friends around the network and world. The more I visit with people and see house churches forming, and also share in homes with those just interested in learning more, I see the reality of relationship based faith being the core of what it is all about. The body of Christ really is a living, breathing body going through seasons of life with all the joys and trials under the sun, yet with each story I see His faithfulness to those who walk in relationship with others.

Life is so busy and full of changes, and hanging on to those relationships is often difficult, let alone investing the time and energy to grow those relationships. But what the Lord has said many times this year to me as I shared last month rings true: It is the season in the Spirit that the body knows to whom it belongs. Not to an organization, but to people, and who belongs to us.

With our network in so many nations I have a unique perspective. On the one hand one of our affiliate leaders in a nation ‘behind the veil of Islam’ was recently sentenced to 1 year in jail for being a Christian leader. Before he was sentenced he said that he wasn’t concerned for himself for he could endure a year in prison for the Lord, but wanted prayers for the 100 or so in their network of home churches because they had dealt with strife and persecution, and he was concerned for them in his absence.

Then on the other hand in nations where people are free to worship as they choose, relationships are severed with such nonchalance you don’t see that level of callousness in the world!

“I…beseech you that you walk worthy of your call with all lowliness and meekness with longsuffering, making allowances for one another in love, endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.”

Paul wasn’t talking about allowing all sorts of heresy and sin in the body; he was talking about helping each other through life’s challenges, being patient and giving towards one another. (Ephesians 4:1-2 )

Walking in love is not easy. But it isn’t proven to be love until it is tested, is it? The Father could have so loved the world in His heart, but kept it to Himself, sitting back in silence, and mankind would never have known He loved us. The proof of His love was His action of sending Christ Jesus to us.

Let us value what we do have in the Lord with each other, and let what is lacking fall away like water off a duck’s back – though there are times we feel disconnected or alone, tired and worn thin, remember that we are still going to know each other through the ages to come, and invest ourselves in those He has brought into our lives accordingly! The cup is much more full than it is empty! Look at what we do have not what we or others lack!

Thank you for including us in your life, thank you for those who have helped us with Chris’ project – there is a light at the end of the tunnel and for once it isn’t a train! I appreciate your patience as this year has been a time of having more on our plate than we can say grace over. Thanks for your prayers, giving, and love!

Blessings, John and Barb

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