November 2012 Newsletter

Dear friends,

I shared a few prophetic things about our nation after the election in my Weekly Thoughts but I'd like to share what the Father told me about hurricane Sandy.

Background first -Back in about 1991 during a visitation with the Lord, He told me that up to about that point in history natural disasters were largely natural, most without prophetic meanings.

Of course we know 'the foundations of the earth are out of course' and the 'creation groans and travails until now, waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God', so weather patterns and disasters happen as a matter of natural life, and will become more intense as we get closer to the Lord, for Paul likens the earth's 'travailing' to the contractions of a woman in labor. (Ps 82:5, Romans 8: 19-23)

In the Bible we see creation, which was made 'by Him and for Him', used prophetically: Noah's flood, Red Sea dividing and drying, the Jordan river parting, the 'earthquake' that brought down Jericho's walls, the sun standing still, the Star of Bethlehem, the darkness in Israel as Jesus hung on the cross and others - but on a world-wide basis over the whole of man's history most natural events have been purely natural.

Judgement or merely warning? Even the years of abundance followed by famine in Joseph's time was a statement of fact on His part, with no attaching of divine significance - just that there would be 7 years of plenty followed by 7 years of famine, so He moved His servant into place to warn and prepare to save millions of lives. He didn't make that feast/famine happen, He just warned Pharaoh it was coming and graced the whole region with wisdom to make provision.

The prophet Agabus in Acts 11 warned of a coming drought in Judea, but it wasn't the Lord that made it happen as droughts happen as a matter of an earth under the burden of sin - He only provided warning in time to make provision. That is the case with Sandy.

In this 1991 visitation He told me that from that point on the percentage of disasters that had prophetic significance would increase, and this has certainly been the case. For instance, I've already shared when the Icelandic volcano blew a few years ago, the Father told me it signified economic trouble for many of the nation’s its ash cloud overshadowed, and we've seen that in Iceland, Greece, Spain, Ireland, etc.

Timing - He told me about timing - if you look through Biblical examples you'll see it is the timing of a natural event, not just the event itself, which provides an indication of divine significance. The walls of Jericho fell at the exact moment needed, the sun stood still at the time Joshua needed it, the Star of Bethlehem appeared at the right time.

People affected - Timing isn't the only factor. When the Lord uses nature for prophetic significance it is very targeted in such a way that to most people it is just another natural event. The famine that came on Egypt affected that region, but there it wasn't world-wide. The falling of the walls were only Jericho's walls. To a by-stander living 20 miles (32km) away it was a mild earthquake. The magi studied the heavens and saw a new King in Israel coming, but outside of their group no one else noticed and/or were able to discern its meaning like they did.

That is a very brief outline of my basic understanding of the Father using natural events, which is important to know as I asked the Father if Sandy had any prophetic significance for our nation. This is what He said:

Sandy - “Sandy’s timing on the home of this nation’s economy and home of ungodly reasoning is a snapshot (picture) of the next 4 years. Even as you saw lines of people waiting for help because they had made no preparation though they saw the storm approaching, so it will be in this nation in these areas. But those who prepared though times were difficult, did not lack for basic needs. They prepared in the natural, and had a network of friends who supported one another."

He didn't bring the storm about as the earth is out of balance as mentioned above, but as spiritual things go, this one had spiritual meaning for the US. I don't feel to share the rest of what He said because my purpose isn't to make afraid, but to warn for the purpose of being prepared.

We will see economic difficulty but also a storm of ungodly reasoning clashing against Godly reasoning. This is why the days of drive-through faith - "Where is my order God because I need to get this answer and have to move on" - are gone. The days of abiding in Christ, abiding with those on the same spiritual page, are here – just as they’ve always been in our NT. But now is the time to move from theory and mental agreement into a living and practical faith.

In the ‘Frasier’ TV sitcom, in the episode ‘Space Quest’, Frasier’s father, his dog, and his health care worker have just moved in with him. This invasion of his personal space is too much for Frasier, who tries to find privacy at his favorite coffee shop. Instead, his brother Niles drops in, and after hearing Frasier’s complaint about everyone in his life infringing on what he thought his life would be, Niles replies: “So what you’re saying is you want to be closer to dad, but you don’t actually want him around.”

In times past we could paraphrase it this way: “So what you’re saying is you want to experience God and the fullness of the things of the Lord, but you don’t actually want His people around.” Folks, He is moving in relationships - Our family in the faith is our greatest resource – even if you alone or just you and a friend start meeting in your home, remember that where 2-3 are, so is He. Work to develop relationships with those on the same spiritual page…Christ in us, each of us, is our greatest resource and help in times of need.

I only share what I hear, and take it all as a call to prayer. Remember that when you are in God's economy of life, there is provision - II Peter 1:3-4 says ALL things that pertain to life and Godliness HAVE BEEN PROVIDED - and Philippians 4:19 also says (of the giver to set the context) that for them He will provide according to His riches in glory.

There is a storm swirling in our nation, a storm whose winds will ravage all things standing, no matter how old the traditions, the 'buildings' of man just as Sandy ravaged homes that had stood for generations. God's kingdom is advancing one person, one family at a time. But the winds attacking traditional 'religion' and 'Godly thought' will continue, and eventually lead to conservatives/Christians being blamed for the nation's ills - but in the kingdom, exciting days are ahead - stay in peace which is in your spirit, and look for His guidance and provision, for the safest place to be is in His perfect will, not matter what storm swirls around you. Live your faith as if you mean it.

House church and home based meetings will really expand in the coming years, as more and more disciples realize they want and need more of God, and to do 'church' as the NT describes - these are exciting days.

Thank you for your faithful giving and support – It is a privilege to pray for your needs, and to have you part of my life.

Blessings, John

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