March 2014 Newsletter

Dear friends,

I’d like to share the role recent events in Ukraine play in the larger prophetic picture, and update you in other areas too.

What scripture says
In nearly 600BC Ezekiel 38 stated a military alliance would arise between nations that only now, for the first time in history, fit our current international landscape. Updating the names of nations to today’s map, it says Russia, Iran, Turkey, Libya, and Sudan, will join forces to attack Israel. Ezekiel says at first other nations will ask ‘What do you think you are doing, coming to take spoil?’

However God calls on his ‘mountains’, which in prophetic writing always means nations, to help defend Israel – and they win! Ezekiel is unclear who Israel’s allies are in this war and how they will help. It implies Israel and the allies will send ‘fire and brimstone’ to the homelands of the invading nations, but is not specific.

Some interpret Ezekiel’s statement that appears to say their allies will be the nations that arose from mother nations symbolized by a lion and from Tarshish (Spain) – to mean England and the Americas – but no one knows for sure. (My series, ‘WW3 and the Feast of Trumpets’ goes into more detail if interested)

Insight –let me paint a picture for you
It does say the enemy will come into Israel from the north, and face severe rain, hail and an earthquake – along with ‘fire and brimstone’ (modern weapons) and be destroyed. This is NOT a nuclear war in Israel, but is unclear if the homelands of the invading nations face nuclear destruction.                                                         

I am being very careful to clearly identify the specifics of scripture and what is left open to speculation, because there are many teachers saying the Bible says specific things when it does not. It is wrong to present opinion as fact when scripture isn’t specific – I hope this detail helps you separate fact from speculation when you hear, watch, or read some Bible teachers.

Ezekiel 39:12 says it will take Israel 7 months to bury the dead and leaves them with 7 years of supplies (v9). Ezekiel even says they will hire people to walk the land and put little flags at body parts they discover (v14-15) – modern forensic methods foreseen.

Ezekiel’s war is not Armageddon
This war will set the stage for the last years of the age. Consider what will happen when the listed nations are destroyed – it will be the end of any serious military threat from Muslim nations and Russia against Israel. Israel will be THE power from Europe to India, throughout the Mid-east to North Africa. All regional opposition to Israel will have been destroyed.

Scripture indicates for some reason – maybe this war – Europe and possibly other Mediterranean nations will make a 7 year treaty with Israel, most likely mainly economic and trade in nature although including other provisions. Israel can do what it wishes with the temple mount – it is very possible they will build a temple on the Mount as no one will oppose them.

In the power void with Russia no longer a major player, China and other nations ‘of the east’ will further rise. At the mid-point of the treaty the Euro-Med ruler will visit Jerusalem, perhaps at the dedication of the temple, and betray Israel. Later, Revelation 16:12 also says ‘five kings of the east’ will march a huge army across southern Asia (Russia won’t be able to stand in their way remember), and into Israel.

THAT is the battle of Armageddon, where the Lord and saints return at the last minute and the end of man’s government of planet earth meets the beginning of Jesus’ world wide Kingdom.

So you see
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is part of the process leading up to the Russia/Israel war. To set up a scenario where the west raises diplomatic objection yet Russia will feel there will be no military response, thus continues with the attack, tells us there must be a series of small successes by Russia advancing in other nations with a series of nothing more than diplomatic objections by other nations. These will embolden Russia for a future invasion of Israel they think will incur nothing more than a diplomatic response. Ezekiel says the invading nations will come ‘to take spoil’. Right now gas and oil are the assets of the region. Look for news items that say Israel will become a player in the gas and oil industries. Look for news items about Israel and technology – another modern ‘spoil’ item someone might want.

What the Father told me
I shared some 3-4 years ago the Father told me Russia will ‘try to take former USSR nations through force, manipulation of the political process, and the manipulation of fuel prices.’ We have seen military boldness in Georgia, Chechnya, Ukraine, and political manipulation in many eastern European nations – they raise natural gas prices so a Russia-friendly candidate is advanced, promising if elected a lowering of gas prices, he is elected, and Moscow lowers prices. The Lord had also said to watch Turkey because it would turn politically away from Europe to Russia.

Realize that right now in our time; the alliance between Russia and Ezekiel’s nations already exists. Look for it to strengthen even more. With recent events in Ukraine, Europe is now asking the US to export to them natural gas because they see Russia’s boldness and realize they get most of their heating gas from or through Russia and Russia controlled pipelines – one flick of a switch and much of Europe has no way to heat their homes.

Crimea is the home of the Dzhankoyske gas field, has ports, and is an important farming and mining area, and has the highest proportion of Muslims in Ukraine. If Ukraine strengthens alliances with Europe the gas flows unhindered, if Russia controls Crimea they retain control of gas to Europe.

The war in Syria is also about the flow of gas to Europe. The west wants the pipeline to run from south to north through Damascus, Homs, Aleppo, while Russia wants it on the east side of the country.

No fear
We’re not to the Ezekiel 38 war or the rapture yet. Scripture says we are to know the times and seasons, and His coming will not come to us like a thief in the night. When fear comes to mind it should be countered with what Christ in us thinks – and He keeps saying ‘peace’. Choosing peace must be a firm choice and discipline – the discipline is to stay off fear-based web sites, away from fear-based Christians, limit talk of fearful unknowns. Let the peace in your spirit umpire in your mind and rule your emotions. Are there national economic difficulties coming? Yes. Will the Father continue to provide for us? Yes. Peace.

Update and thoughts - The lady who cuts Chris’ hair has several car magazines in the waiting area. Chris loves car magazines and she always lets him take 1 magazine home after each haircut. Last month her shop was closed as she became severely ill, and we had to get his hair cut elsewhere.                   

Unknown to either of us, my sister had thought of Chris and bought him 5 car magazines, put them in the mail, and sent them to him as an ‘out of the blue’ present. Just moments before he got his haircut from another shop he opened his mail from my sister to find all those magazines. The Father made sure to keep the appointment – on the day of a haircut he gets a car magazine – abundantly so.

Now the regular lady is recovered and Chris will get his hair cut this week from her – and roll away with the usual car magazine on his lap.                                                                                                     

The Father of His own will and orchestration behind the scenes, provided not one but 5 car magazines on the day of Chris’ haircut for him. I had just barely thought of the break of routine of taking Chris to a new ‘haircut lady’ and what I could do special for him to make up for not getting a car magazine.

Without me asking the Father took care of it Himself I’m convinced, because of Chris’ simple, child-like faith and because we look for Him and His thoughtfulness in all things. So when I see world events fulfilling prophecy before my eyes, I discipline myself to call to remembrance the little provisions in life that show He cares and knows how to provide over and above my own ability.

Chris inspires us to keep faith simple, child-like, and on a level that lets the Father work out the details as He sees fit. We look for the little things, and thank Him for them when we see them. After all, as Chris said when he opened the mail from my sister: “Thank you Lord. Yep, the Lord just loves cars.”

Chris’s remodel – We met with the contractors last week and they will have pricing for us about the end of the month. We had plans drawn for the basic must-have for Chris, as well as a wished-for expansion for my office and one for Barb as well. Depending on what we can do, it will take 90-120 days, which is most of the summer. This is something we must do in the natural and it feels right spiritually, though it has meant far fewer travels and hosting this spring and summer for us- but it seems it is the Father’s timing.

Thank you to those who are helping with this. We very much appreciate your help. CWOWI is especially expanding in the US right now – we appreciate your prayers for wisdom as there is a lot to juggle. Thank you for being in our lives; it is a pleasure and honor to pray for you!

John and Barb

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