March 2013 Newsletter

Dear friends,  

            I am amazed how understated the Lord tends to be. I’ve shared here and in my Weekly Thoughts how last year the Father told me to start praying for 2013, March and spring, for political and economic issues and unrest, etc. Here we are with sequester, the budget extension due about the time you receive this in your mail box, the President visiting Israel to present his plan for the Israeli/Palestinian issue, Europe’s economy hurting, a new Pope to select, etc.                  

Everywhere we turn it seems there is reason to be unsure, yet I’d like to share a vision a long-time friend of ours, Lisa, had at the start of the year.

“I was praying one night about rain”….because of the drought, which then led into praying for the US needing spiritual rain which then led into the “all of a sudden vision” of planet earth hanging in the cosmos, beautiful planet against the black universe with rain coming vertically down from an unseen source, watering completely the whole planet equally. I had the sense that the equality of saturation was important. The peace that overtook me was supernatural, I knew in that moment that the presence of God was everywhere in every nation, and that it supersedes the increasing darkness of our latter days. I didn’t have the sense that it would stop the “waxing worse” that scripture tells us will happen, but it did supersede the enemy’s work…”

That mirrors what has been on our hearts – to know what God does is far greater than anything the enemy is doing. The key is to be focused and consumed with God, rather than looking for a demon behind every headline or event. That means focused on His work in our lives, to know that peace in our spirit man and let it arise and confront every fear and worry that accosts us.                                                                                                                      

Just consider; What is God asking me to focus on now? Most often the answer has to do with personal growth, maturity, taking personal responsibility or stepping out in boldness, making decisions in Him – but never have I had Him ask me to be worried about His ability to care for me, His ability to provide, His ability to time my life so that His provision is revealed and minefields are avoided. When you are children of the King, He tends to tell us to let Him be concerned with those things, and we just need to grow in Him.

March/April trips – Either I by myself or Barb and I together will leave April 3, depending on $ for Barb’s ticket, for our Dutch conference April 5-7, and our Helsinki conference the 12-14th, followed by the taping of 3 teachings on Finnish TV7, the Christian TV network there, also seen on its affiliate station in Israel.                                                                                                                   

Thank you for your financial support and prayers. In this economy we hold very precious your gifts, as we know it takes a heart-felt motivation to give unto the Lord through this ministry. We consider it a humble privilege to read your prayer requests, pray for them, and ask the Father to bless and keep you. Your partnership means SO much to us, to enable us to reach so many.                   

Consumed with what He is doing 

Thank you! John and Barb

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