June 2012 Newsletter

Prayer matters

For years I’ve shared how the Father speaks to me about future events – I am like Ezekiel’s 3:17 and 33:6-7 watchman – one standing on the wall and calling out what he sees coming his way. There is both a responsibility to pray and to share what I see and hear, thus this newsletter. I hope you will take these things with the same seriousness and as a matter of prayer as I do. If they bear witness, so be it. If not, no harm no foul; thanks for reading and considering.

As such, the Father often starts off saying ‘As it stands now’ and ‘If things don’t change’. It is all for prayer:

He is asking for an invitation to become involved in these matters. That may seem strange, but it is true that heaven initiates most intercessory prayer.

As Romans 8:26-27 states, we don’t know how to pray as we should, so the Holy Spirit (through tongues) flows from heaven into our spirit as the Living River from the throne, and then we pray back the Father’s perfect will in rivers of Living water back to Him, thus giving Him legal access to water the lives of man.

For years I have refrained from sharing most of what the Father asks me to pray about, but I’ve not felt a need to withhold some things, so will share some things in this space.

In February

In February the Father told me this as a matter of prayer. “Policy is now being formed and strategy put in place in Russia that you will see happening this coming winter if left unchanged. I have many people in the areas affected so you need to pray for them. As a matter of policy Russia will boldly begin using fuel and energy supplies to threaten, manipulate, and control former USSR nations in order to influence their policies or even install their own people in office in these nations.”

I told the Father: “They have done this in the past, especially with the Ukraine.” He said, “Yes, but what was once done sparingly will be stepped up as a matter of policy and will become something to hold over the heads of any of those nations who get out of line with Moscow. They will even make veiled and unveiled threats to western Europe as well. Related to this, watch Turkish and Russian economic and energy agreements, for they will become major partners and a force in the Middle East; it will happen quickly, while the world watches helplessly.”

A few weeks ago the Lord (Jesus) told me this

This was from the Lord (I don’t call it a visitation as He appeared so briefly), and He just made this statement and disappeared: “The Laodicean church is about to be exposed.”

When Jesus tells me things it is nearly always concerning the body of Christ as a matter of fact rather than a matter of praying to change, lessen, or negate. It was just stated as fact. The Laodicean church was the one that was lukewarm, thought they were rich and thought they needed nothing from Revelation 3.

The Laodicean’s were materially rich, and evidently equated being blessed financially with being righteous before the Lord. The Lord threatened in Revelation 3:14-22 to expose the fact that spiritually speaking, they were blind, poor, naked, and miserable.

I hesitate assigning meaning to what the exposure entails, but it seems obviously connected to trust in riches rather than the Lord, and being caught up in the world which led them to become spiritually lukewarm.

In Our Day

By saying ‘The Laodicean church is about to be exposed’, He is saying those who have become lukewarm through being caught up in the world and lure of money, who think they lack nothing spiritually because they are so blessed, are going to have the proverbial rug pulled out from under them.

Many of you were around in the 1980′s during the Jim Bakker, Jimmy Swaggart and other’s scandals – You’ll recall that many men and women fell away from the Lord at that time. Of course they had put their faith in man rather than the Lord, and this was exposed when these men fell, for they fell away from the Lord. Had their faith been in the Lord rather than man, they would have been unaffected by the failings of others.

Knowing the Lord is unchanging, I suspect He will use the same principle to expose misplaced faith again.

He told me awhile back He was pulling the veil back so all could see behind the scenes of some highly visible ministries, and this would shake some people – so I’m keeping that in prayer as it is related most certainly.

The Ways of the Spirit

When these things happen – an economic shaking of the traditional “God equals finances” teaching, and man’s failings, where they put their faith will be exposed.

I remember one time during the Bill Clinton Presidency, in the midst of the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal, and roughly the same time of the Whitewater and other scandals revealing graft and greed, and the Father spoke to me.

I had asked why He allowed such a President to happen, and what was the purpose. I was surprised when He said: “I allowed him to be President and have his private life played out on the headlines of the nation’s newspapers because he represents the primary sins of his generation, which are two: Greed and sex.”

“I have displayed them on headlines across the nation that those of his generation might see their lives in his, and be forced to say “See, he’s just like me”, or “He’s just like me, I need to change” – That some might repent and seek me.”


I’ve said before that there is now a seriousness in the Spirit about being a disciple of the Lord. The days of being like children at Christmas playing with whatever gift is found under the heavenly tree are long gone. The days of growth and seriousness and putting our houses in order are before us. Walk in peace, don’t be afraid, but be consumed with heaven’s purposes.

I remember after the Japanese earthquake and during the Arab spring when the Lord appeared to me. I asked the Lord about Japan and Egypt and other things, and He answered my questions and then concluded with: “…Egypt will not now fall into militant Muslim hands, but what are all these things to you? What is that to you? You must be about the Father’s business.”

Good advice!
Hope this is a blessing, and a matter of prayer,
John Fenn

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