July 2013 Newsletter

Dear friends,

We want to say a big thank you for your prayers and support for our son Chris. He had his 2nd ‘procedure’ this week, which went much better than the 1st. It was still 2 hours and he had to be put to sleep, but they worked on 2 teeth jammed into his head and applied braces on a total of 6 to pull down, turn around, and stabilize them all. The first 3 days afterwards were hard, but he has improved each day.

            The miracle to report is that they said the pulp and roots of all his teeth appear to be alive, which the dentist had said ‘no way’ because of the way they were compressed. That means in January Chris can have some bonding applied to build up the teeth, but there is no need for root canals or caps or other restorative work.

Visitors and visiting:

Our Dutch conference is next April 25-27 which is a beautiful time of year there, and I encourage you to prayerfully ask the Father if He would allow you to come. Usually after the conference when we have US and other visitors we spend 3 days seeing the sights of springtime in Holland. Our Helsinki conference is the weekend after, May 2-4, a very beautiful country and fun city to explore as well! When heaven says yes things fall into place. If you are in the US/Canada and want information on costs and events, email me directly at cwowi@aol.com. If you live in Europe/Asia/Africa contact Wil and Ank Kleinmeulman at cwowi@solcon.nl.

I head to Lithuania and Latvia August 6-18, visiting the house churches, speaking in a couple traditional churches, and introducing others to the Biblical concept of church in the home. I appreciate your prayers!

October US trip to SE – Plans are coming together for a southeast US trip in October. With more meetings in the works, this is what is set so far: Atlanta, Wednesday the 16th, Virginia Beach, Saturday the 19th, Powhattan, Virginia Wednesday the 23rd. Deltona, Florida, Saturday-Sunday 26-27. Contact information is on the header of my Weekly Thoughts and e-newsletter.  If you are in GA, NC, SC, and would like to either host a meeting or perhaps just meet for a meal as I pass through, email me at cwowi@aol.com please. I especially want to visit affiliates and those interested.

Prophetic: Some of you may remember over 4 years ago when the Father told me meetings were being held in other nations ‘Behind closed doors to remove the dollar as the reserve currency, which will dramatically affect the economy’. There was nothing in the news at the time, though the beginning effects were first seen that fall, but slowly the meetings became known, though not reported in the big news outlets.

His words came flooding back to me the week before last ‘out of the blue’: “Remember what I told you about the reserve currency”. I’ve learned by experience when He tells me to remember something He told me, He is telling me to research and think through what He said earlier because its importance will be soon felt or seen.

            Like I have explained before, He deals more with behind the scenes ‘lynchpin’ things than He does headlines, and this is one of those cases. You won’t see news reports about a move away from the USD as reserve currency, but it is happening. Do a search of the web to learn how the move away from the USD as reserve currency to the Chinese yuan and a ‘basket’ of currencies, have gained momentum, and I’ll explain the ramifications.                                                                                                                            

          Right now, if x nation wants to buy oil from Saudi Arabia, it must buy US Dollars first, and then buy barrels of oil from Saudi Arabia in those US dollars – because oil is traded in the reserve currency of the US dollar. That same principle is the same for dozens of other products all over the world, not just oil. That benefits the US tremendously because trillions in other currencies flood into our economy annually in order to buy dollars.

          If the dollar is no longer the reserve, and x nation can buy directly from Saudi Arabia with their own currency or another reserve currency, that money is no longer flooding into the US. The cost of everything would go up very quickly, with some estimates of 25% to 33% within a matter of weeks. Think of it this way - it would mean the equivalent of a decrease in pay of 25%-33% of every person in the US across the board.

            I don’t know that we’ll see a single day world-wide pulling away from the dollar, for the dollar is so intertwined in world economy nations are doing it by a gradual process – but the effect is cumulative and is building momentum. China has already entered into agreements in Asia to trade in local currencies rather than the dollar. BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) plan to use their own currencies instead of the dollar, and Russia and China have been using their own currencies when trading between themselves rather than the dollar for some time now.

I don’t know all the elements of why the Father continues to tell me to pray for this fall through spring next year, but the fact He spoke those words to me tell me that behind the scenes that must be an element involved.

If you want to study some recent history, look at President Nixon removing the US from the gold standard in 1971 which allowed the US dollar to become the reserve currency world-wide, effectively and forcefully removing Britain’s Pound Sterling as Reserve Currency. It wasn’t pretty in the UK when that happened, with high inflation, labor unrest, etc.

Up until Nixon’s 1971 move away from the gold standard, it meant for every $1 printed, there was an equal amount (or nearly so) of gold on hand to back it up (Fort Knox, KY). After the US left the gold standard it meant every dollar printed was a now a debt to be paid rather than backed by a hard asset in gold. We are now up to 16 trillion dollars in debt, yet the Federal Reserve continues to print money as of this writing, about $85 billion per month to support a weak economy. There is no gold behind the printing of those dollars, those are printed out of debt and must be repaid. (That’s a little history, FYI, lol)

            But I have to move in what I know the Father has told me. He told me in 2005 that I wouldn’t recognize the country in 10 years, which is 2015. He told me to start CWOWI because CWOWI was “a resource against a time to come”. This means we all together in this network of friends and affiliates on the same spiritual page, now spanning over 2 dozen nations, need to focus on our relationships with each other. People are leaving relationships with the institutional church in favor of relationships with the real church – people.

Spiritual insight

            As I outlined briefly in my book, Return of the First Church, God has been de-centralizing the world for some time now. For instance, just a few years ago if you wanted to read a book you had to travel to a library. If you wanted new music you went to a music store. If you wanted an education you traveled to a campus to take classes. If you wanted to go to church you went to a building called church.                   In an increase of the work started at Pentecost, where God moved out of a centralized building called a temple, and moved into individuals, He has been decentralizing the world ever since. It has taken centuries to get to this point, but by using technology His momentum is gaining. The world thinks computers have done this, but spiritually speaking, God is the Source of all knowledge and computers were given by Him and for Him.

            So it should come as no surprise money too is becoming decentralized from a single dominating nation. Look for reports of not just a single reserve currency, but nations trading with each other in their own currencies, and forming partnerships in a move away from a USD based global economy.

To you and me            

God invented the home as the source of spreading His ways across the planet. He never left the home, communities and friends.  That means He is decentralizing the big church, big name minister, and quietly behind the scenes raising up no-name disciples and leaders like you and I, who prefer being known by God over being known by man.

You will continue to see a decline in ‘big name’ ministries as ‘star’ ministers will continue to become less relevant to society both secular and in Christian culture, while true leaders who are balanced in Word and Spirit among the homes in nations become more important.

Our relationship with each other is our strength, and I encourage you to prioritize your life around those on the same spiritual page as you – interesting times are ahead, and being in His perfect will is the safest place to be!

What is happening world-wide is Christians are doing exactly that – leaving their relationships with institutions and focusing on their relationships with other Christians. That’s what we are called to, which is the Biblical expression of faith and the celebration of that faith in home and relationship based meetings.

Thank you for your support and being part of our lives! Blessings, John and Barb

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