July 2012 Newsletter

Dear friends,

This is our monthly e-newsletter which includes some of the same content as our US based through-the-mail newsletter, plus additional things on my heart. Today I want to share some prophetic words, and share 2 new cd/MP3 series with you, but first...


We've received inquiries about an email some close friends and affiliate leaders in Phoenix recently sent to other CWOWI friends and affiliates, so I felt the need to bring everyone else on our mailing list up to speed. We appreciate their heart and word has spread a bit, and like the game of 'telephone' in school, by the time it gets back to me some are wondering how John hurt his back in his old truck getting Chris out of a wheelchair (which isn't the case 🙂 Explanation follows:

While James and Richard were in Tulsa a few weeks ago they got to ride in my truck, an 18 year old Dodge with over 291,000 miles, peeling paint, and an interior that looks every bit the part (I think Richard described it as a museum piece lol). They began asking questions and about our handicapped son Chris and how we cared for him when he was at home, etc. I think they see we live pretty simply.

I answered their questions honestly - that our double-wide home has narrow doors that make it very hard to hold Chris up from behind under his arm pits and walk him to the toilet and bath, that I lower and lift his 160 pounds in and out of the bathtub each morning he is home (60 nights and 170 days per year on average) and so on.

They asked if we had thoughts for the future, and I shared that at some point after the house is paid off we'd like to add on to make Chris's bedroom into a bed/bath arrangement with handicapped accessible shower/tub, a lift for the tub and so on. Unknown to me and out of love and concern for us, they sent an email telling people about our conversation and asking people if they'd like to help us get a new gently used truck and start a fund for the house remodel (there are several who would come to volunteer labor) - thus this explanation. As I write, over $10,000 has been sent to CWOWI via the mail and PayPal designated for these needs, which we so appreciate. I write this not as a fund raiser, but to report accurately lest someone think I fell out of my truck while putting Chris in the tub, or something, lol.

Prophetic words

As I shared last week, the Father uses us as watchmen on the wall - looking way off in the future - So when the Father speaks to me He usually starts off 'As it stands now' or 'You need to pray about...'. The reason for this of course is that most intercessory prayer actually begins in heaven with Him wanting to do some good in the earth but needing legal access which comes by people inviting Him to become involved - otherwise Satan could accuse Him of unjustly interfering with human free will.

The Father must enter into the lives of people legally, by invitation, which isn't hard to understand if you consider that you could have been born again years before you were, but the Father waited until you invited Him into your life. And when we pray for loved ones or those who request prayer, we are asking the Father to become involved in their need - easy to understand and legally correct spiritually speaking.

But Barb receives words and revelation more directly related to our own lives - her priorities are taking care of me, Chris, making sure our house is in order, etc. One of the things I love about her is this very fact; she thinks ahead and stocks ahead - years ago her stocking ahead was because our income was so unpredictable she needed to have extra of everything because sometimes we'd go a whole month and eat only out of the pantry or refrigerator. So when I need more shampoo, there are 4-5 bottles lined up behind the first.

When we need canned tomatoes, there are 8 or more lined up behind the first...that's just how we've lived for years, largely out of necessity. So its natural the Father would speak to her along those lines.

Food prices in the US, shortages

At the beginning of this year the Father revealed to her a summer drought in the US followed by rising food prices, especially noted in the August-November time frame with fear associated with the rising prices. She moved immediately to build up our pantry off staple foods. Months ago she told me prices would rise through the summer, and prices of anything related to corn especially would climb, but then other foods would rise in price as well (Anything with corn, corn sugar, etc). She then said people would then start to stock up, and by the fall prices and availability of some items would be such that some things would be scarce or expensive - so plan on food being more of your budget.


A few months ago the Father told me this: "As it stands now, Romney will win the election and the Republicans will win the Senate, but what you need to pray about is next March and springtime into summer. Those on the left, some of whom organized the 'Occupy' demonstrations, will organize demonstrations in many cities and will lose control of some, and if allowed to continue as is, will lead to rioting and looting in cities. I have many people in those cities so that is why you need to pray."

(I assume if Romney wins the election the demonstrations will be over the budget which would be worked on in spring 2013 for implementation in 2014. Just speaking common sense here, if the battle over the budget is so severe in the above case, then think about the riots in Greece when people who depended on the welfare state were presented a budget that cut those benefits in order to save the nation - and still there were riots. We do NOT want to see those type riots in the US)

I really hesitate sharing this because some could run with it and say "John said..." and put words in my mouth, but again I tell you how the Father speaks to me, as a watchman of what is coming but asking me to pray to change it. It isn't unlike how in Matthew 24:20 Jesus said Anti-Christ is coming, but pray that he not come in winter nor the Sabbath - a case of Jesus stating what is coming but then asking them to pray for a different season of the year and day of the week.

I find it amazing how apolitical the Father is - He is going to do what He wants in the earth - and for us and what we are doing, there is perfect peace - it is so important to be networked and connected in strong relationships in the body, and house-based church, the Biblical model, will become SO important in the years to come.

No matter who wins the election, they will have their work cut out for them. There is more for 2013 but I don't feel led to share that right now, other than to say there are many things on many fronts world-wide that are coming our way, and we pray things can be averted, delayed, or canceled altogether.

Wherever we travel we see the Lord answering prayer, raising up close knit communities of faith in homes all over the world, and we are privileged to teach, uplift, and encourage these churches, bringing fresh revelation from the Father...thank you for helping us and joining in ministry with us. Thanks for being a part of our lives!

Blessings, John and Barb

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