January 2017 Newsletter


Hi all,

Barb and I have had some tests and doctors visits but all seems more or less well thus far. Much to my surprise, the cardiologist is more concerned about my blood pressure than the AFib. With no outward symptoms with the AFib and no lack of energy, his advice was lose more weight to get the blood pressure down, and he will see me in 3 months. If I don’t reach my target weight by early April we will discuss medicine for blood pressure. So I’m taking much of the rest of January and February to drop a bit more weight and keep it off, not traveling until March to focus on both Barb and my own health.


You can watch my weekly 10-12 minute teachings on Facebook or YouTube. I do them live on Wednesdays at 8am Central on FB, but they are also able to be viewed any time after. Just do a search for ‘John C Fenn videos’ and they should come up.


If you are considering the Dutch conference Memorial Day weekend, May 25-28 let me know by email if you are from the US at cwowi@aol.com. If from Europe, Africa, or Asia contact Wil and Ank at cwowi@solcon.nl


Most flights from the US to Amsterdam are overnight ones, meaning you’d leave the US on May 24, arrive morning of the 25th, and we’d get you to the Retreat Center, where we’ll be through Sunday the 28th. Monday-Tuesday we’ll site see some of the Netherlands – Amsterdam, hopefully Corrie ten Boom’s house, maybe Anne Franks’s house, take a boat tour on the canals of Amsterdam, and see the countryside – but generally hang out and spend time together. Then you could leave Wednesday the 31st, arriving the same day back in the US in 1week total time.


There is a conference fee and an offering will be received during the retreat as well, and if you want to help Wil and Ank with the expenses over and above incurred in hosting people. Other than that, just spending money is needed for the site seeing.


New affiliates and prayer for me please

Please pray for wisdom because the pace at which new house churches who want to be part of CWOWI has increased dramatically, all over the world. It is a time consuming process to get to know each group.


As I write this it is the 13th anniversary of when we placed our oldest son who is handicapped, Chris, into a group home. Besides all we do in ministry, the oversight of his care is a continual presence in our lives. Chris is about 4 years old mentally, though he takes things in at a higher level. Yesterday the manager for his group home called to explain some administrative changes taking place, but commented that Chris was at the table reading to Ray, another resident, and Ray was nodding his head up and down as Chris read several stories to him. Chris doesn’t read! He was evidently telling a story to Ray who can’t talk more than a couple words, while turning pages in a book, but evidently they both enjoyed the story!


When Chris was 22 the Lord spoke to him, and he excitedly told me “Jesus told me He’s going to walk through the mountains with me! Yep, that’s what He said! You hoo! He’s going to walk through the mountains with me.” Ever since, Chris has made comments like “When I get to heaven, no wheelchair!” and “When I get to heaven I’m going to run like that (kids running by).” He helps us keep a larger perspective on life, that this age is temporary, and there are ages to come.


Giving receipts for US donations will be mailed out separately in about a week. Thank you!


Something the Father said…


I was thinking on Iran and what the new American administration may do with the current treaty, and also how the nations are increasingly bold in telling Israel what they can and cannot do. It was in the midst of those thoughts the Father said something very brief: “Iran and others will be made to feel backed into a corner, in a way similar to Japan at the start of WWII.”


In case you don’t know your 1930’s world history, I do, so let me explain why what the Father

said carries so much importance. In 1911 the US signed a treaty with Japan allowing exports from the US to Japan of everything from oil and lubricants to steel products. In response to growing Japanese industrial and military complex, President Roosevelt terminated that agreement in 1939 and the following summer signed a law forbidding US exports to Japan of aviation oil products, lubricants, and steel products. Over the next year President Roosevelt placed severe restrictions or outlawed the exporting of oil and steel products to Japan, the last coming in August of 1941, with the British and Dutch doing the same, which isolated Japan from

the rest of the world.


Those actions strangled Japan’s ability to maintain and enlarge its military and industrial complex, leading to the ‘unprovoked’ attack on Pearl Harbor on 7, December, 1941.


When in the midst of my thoughts about how Israel and Jerusalem in particular is becoming the focus of at least 70 of the UN nations who are arrayed against her, and wondering what the new President will do about Iran, the Father said that – that Iran and others will be made to feel backed into a corner – wow, that’s huge.


Zecharian 12:1- tells us the Lord is arranging the big picture which will cause Jerusalem – not just Israel but the city of Jerusalem, to become the focal point of the nations: Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round about, when they shall be in the siege both against Judah and against Jerusalem. And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people..”


Look this year for Jerusalem to be more in the news – read between the lines when the nations tell Israel they should give up land won in the war of 1967 – which includes the city. Pray for wisdom for leaders concerning Russia, Iran and Turkey, for the alliance outlined in Ezekiel 38 is coming more into focus it seems, almost daily. Look for sanctions which would isolate Iran and ‘others’ (not sure what He meant by ‘others’, but could include Iranian supported terrorist groups, or nations allied with Iran – time will tell) and know the times.


It truly is all about relationships. This world will pass, but the Father and Lord are already thinking about the ages to come, as per Ephesians 2:7. We are already in eternity, already citizens of another kingdom, one family in heaven and earth, just passing through. Keep the larger perspective and don’t let fear dominate your mind. We all wonder about this or that, but undergirding our thoughts and hearts is a certain confident expectation, a knowing, we are the Father’s and no one can take us from Him.


Thank you for being part of our lives. Though my Weekly Thoughts, cd’s and MP3 teachings, e-newsletters, conferences and books reach thousands upon thousands around the globe, we just learned upon doing year end accounting that the actual number of those who donated at least 1 time in 2016 to CWOWI is less than 300 people.


This is why those few who give to CWOWI are so special to us. We are not trying to get rich in ministry (and succeeding, lol) – I’ve been to heaven and have seen the Lord – riches can’t compare so hold no luster for us. But money is needed in this life to live, so we send a bit thank you for those donations which enable us to continue in ministry, and thank you for your prayers that keep us going – blessings!


John & Barb

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