January 2013 Newsletter

Dear friends,

            First a big thank you to the many that included us in their giving last month, and for the personal gifts as well. We are doing much better, things are repaired, we are caught up, and we are looking at upgrading the bathroom outside Chris’ bedroom in the coming weeks – thank you!

You’ll remember I said that some months ago, back in summer 2012, the Father told me to pray about March 2013, for ‘as it stands now’ He said, there will be demonstrations and turmoil in the economy and budgeting process. It has been a matter of prayer since, and the next 4-6 weeks will be interesting to watch. At the time He said there would be demonstrations similar to the ‘occupy’ demonstrations, and that some would get out of hand. I trust prayer has or will modify or nullify those things, but the fact is March will be a battle time for the economy as we can see from the headlines in the US.

I’d like to share a neat story about the Father’s goodness. My nephew got married in December and packed all he wanted from home and moved into he and his wife’s apartment, leaving behind 4 of his 7-9” long die cast metal sports car models. My sister thought Chris would enjoy them, so packed them up and mailed them to us, arriving this past week.

Chris loves cars, and for years he has taken his favorite die cast metal ‘Viper’ (about 8” long) to the daily workshop the group home residents’ work at. He puts it on his lap in his wheelchair, it rides on the bus to the workshop, it sits on the table next to his work station all day, and it comes back in the afternoon. He loves that car!

Unknown to me or my sister, I learned when I picked him up that on Friday another resident walked up to Chris’ work table and stole Chris’ Viper from beside him, promptly breaking it to the point it had to be thrown out. Chris was furious and hurt as you might imagine. The staff calmed him down, and on Saturday I picked him up for a weekend visit home, the box from my sister waiting for him.

When he opened it and saw the 4 new cars he was SO excited. A new Cobra, an orange SS Camaro, and 2 ‘Fast and Furious’ style cars, all die cast metal like his old one. The Cobra was immediately his favorite and that is what he took back to the group home, showing it off to all the residents and aides. Barb and I marveled at the Father’s tender care of Chris, and I told him how the Lord knew about his stolen and broken car, and gave him 4 new ones as a gift to replace it.

He was touched and made the assertion: “Yep, the Lord just loves cars.”

I encourage you to look in child-like faith for the little ‘coincidences’ which are really the Father’s tender care in disguise. By looking for these things we develop thankful hearts for what we have, rather than focusing on what we don’t have. It allows us to experience His care.

Thanks for being part of our lives!


John and Barb

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