December 2013 Newsletter

Dear friends,

Here we are the end of 2013 and I write this with much contemplation of the year past, and questions about the year ahead. My mind drifts back to all the wonderful people I met during the year, and we are very thankful for those who support this ministry by prayers, giving, and genuine care for us.

How special are our ministry supporters? There are just 440 people in the US plus a few in Europe and Canada who have made donations in 2013 either by cash donation or giving for cd/MP3 series. Many donations are 1 time gifts made while I travel to various house churches and meetings, with far fewer faithful, monthly supporters.

Of over 10,000 who receive the benefits of this ministry weekly across 3 dozen nations by being in an affiliated house church, receiving my Weekly Thoughts and e-newsletter and more, you who support us are very special in our hearts and take first priority in our prayers.

It is the nature of ministry that the number who benefit from a ministry are far greater than those who benefit but also respond with support to that ministry. Though Jesus fed 5,000 men plus women and children, and 4,000 men plus women and children, only 120 were present on Pentecost. So you understand how special you are to us.

I wake up in the morning and first thing ask the Father if there is anyone among our ministry supporters or anything in particular He wants me to pray for, and I stay in this ‘mode’ during the day, going back often to ask if there is anyone to pray for. It is a privilege and honor to serve you!

Prophetic - I’ve shared things the past couple of months the Father has told me related to a turnover in the generations in the church and political worlds we will see in the coming year, with the focus on the lack of comparable leaders replacing them as the Lord moves from the people rather than leadership down.

In the last weeks in the US we’ve seen the deaths of Chuck Smith, Paul Crouch who founded the TBN TV network, mega-church pastors have died in accidents and suicide, and Billy Graham is said to be declining quickly. The death of Nelson Mandela has been in world news, and several nations are facing political divisions and unrest ranging from the USA to Ukraine to Brazil, and several more.

Last month I shared what the Father said about a nation making decisions that would cascade to affect the US and rest of the world. Just 2 weeks ago it was quietly reported that the Chinese Yuan has overtaken the Euro as the number 2 currency for all transactions, and more nations have stopped trading in dollars as they line up deals to trade with China in their currency.

Recently the Gulf nations (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, etc), which have ¼ of all gas and oil reserves, made an agreement for mutual military protection and trade – translation, they know they will no longer be able to trust the US to protect them – and this agreement is another step towards no longer trading oil in dollars.

This week:

This past week when I asked about what 2014 had in store for this nation He told me; “2014 will see the rapid retreat of the US in the world economically, politically, and militarily.”  Russia and China will fill the vacuum.

I also find it interesting; Remember the Father told me about 10 years ago, and again I shared back then, how of the Patriot Act He said, ‘Laws that are designed to protect my people will one day be used against them.’, and of the IRS He said, ‘Persecution will come to my people through the IRS’. Who knew at the time that Snowden’s leaks about the NSA spying on the American people would come out – and it is reported the public has only been shown 1% of what he gathered. Who knew the IRS would become the enforcer of Obamacare (Affordable Care Act or ACA).                                                                                 

In ancient Rome Christians were considered to be unpatriotic because they did not worship the Emperor and resisted efforts to be part of the federal system, and were persecuted for it. In Nazi Germany those who differed from the federal policies were considered unpatriotic and persecuted, some 5-6 million Christian and political prisoners were sent to Concentration Camps along with 6 million Jewish people. In the USSR Stalin sent some 70 million (a number I was told by Russian friends in the nation) to their deaths because they were considered unpatriotic, their religion one thing making them so.

A different spirit

Some of you will remember what the Father told me during the Bush/Kerry Presidential campaign when I discerned a different spirit involved than in past years, and He said: “It is the spirit of socialism. It can be slowed, but it won’t be stopped. Some want to make the US a socialist state like much of Europe, but I have not called this country to be like that.”

And because this administration has been printing 85 billion dollars each month to support the economy, called the QE or Quantitative Easing, resulting in surging stock prices, they have worked themselves into a corner. The world and US investors realize each month’s inflow of 85 billion dollars must be tapered at some point, for with each month’s printing of money out of thin air, it means that much debt is added to the national debt every month. So far they have printed up over 2.7 trillion dollars of debt. When they begin tapering this inflow the stock market’s bubble will most likely burst – and people will probably run to gold and precious metals which will most likely go up in value. Not giving financial advice, just saying 1 plus 1 equals 2.

While you were sleeping

In the natural in the USA, there is much to be concerned about. The 1 year delay in mandatory Obamacare for company’s means 2014 will be a series of blows to families and small businesses as these regulations become active. While reports of job growth each month make headlines, what they aren’t telling you is that for example in October alone, 932,000,000 people just gave up looking for work and dropped out of the workforce. They aren’t telling you that stock prices are way higher than growth and revenue projections, or that a record number of investors are buying stock on margins –meaning going into debt to buy stock. And they aren’t telling you that 70% of all jobs created are part time.

Revelation from heaven - why?

I seek the Father about the political turnover we’ll see around the world in the coming year, and the church world turnover in big name leadership. We will continue to see the rise of the home based, relationship based faith apart from the model of organized religion we’ve seen the last 1700 years and a return to house church roots, so I am not moved by world events.

Paul said in Ephesians 3:1-11, apostles and prophets are given revelations from the Father related to the mystery of Christ so that the wisdom of God could be revealed to spiritual rulers and authorities through the church, the body of Christ. So our first place to look for headlines of what is happening is to the Spirit of God, developing ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to the body.

I’m reminded during a visitation a couple years ago when the Lord appeared to me about some of these very things, and at the time the world was focused on the Japanese earthquake and turmoil in Egypt. After telling me some things I pressed Him for more information, but He responded: “But what are these things to you? As for you, you must be about the Father’s business.”

That has stayed with me. I refuse to be moved by fear, but will move by prudence. I do my homework in the natural after the Father or the Lord speak to me, but my ear is tuned first to them, not the news. I don't do research and then say 'thus saith the Lord', quite the opposite in fact. I just want to be transparent and report what He tells me as I'm released to share these things.

Every wind of doctrine - as children

I am seeing an increased number of emails asking me about whether strange things being taught around the church world are of God, or not. These range from UFO’s being harbingers of a new world order, to lizard men descended from Noah’s pre-flood time among us who are actually running the world, to the run for the hills and hide in caves fear camp, to people saying we are already in the Tribulation.

My response is this: Can you see Jesus teaching or doing any of these things? Would what you are hearing, fit neatly in Matthew’s Sermon on the Mount in chapters 5 through 7? Could you see Paul stand on Mars Hill in Acts 17 and include what you are hearing or reading? Would what you hear today fit into Paul’s sermon there, or Jesus’ teaching in say, Matthew 24 and 25?

We have the Spirit of Truth within us, and it is past time for the body of Christ to learn how to hear His witness as to whether something is of a right Spirit or another spirit. One reason so many are running to and fro is that they are as Paul said in Ephesians 4, spiritual children, never grounded in the Word and never having disciplined themselves to be discerning people – they have swallowed whatever anyone taught or believed that was spectacular for years without judging things by the Word.

So now that we see an increase in deception they have neither tools nor experience to know the Spirit of Truth from the spirits bringing deception. Many are believers in the Lord, but not knowers of Him, for if they truly knew Him they would not believe such things.

If it wouldn’t fit in the gospels or Acts, lay it aside as suspect. If you can’t see Jesus teaching on it, lay it aside.

Barb and I are enjoying this rest time from our travels, and I am able to work on 6 months of backlogged ‘honey do’ things around the house. I’ll also be completing some online Bible courses over the winter, and a ministry partner is transcribing some of my teaching series for preparation for a book.

We are making plans for remodeling for a handicapped room and bathroom for Chris, thank you for those who have sent extra to help with that. We hope to begin remodeling in March or April. Chris is doing well, nearing his 34th birthday on the 23rd, and we will have all 3 boys, both daughters in law and all 6 grandkids here for his birthday and Christmas. Barb couldn’t be happier, nor I.

Thank you for remembering us in your giving. Words fail to tell you what mean to us. Blessings, love, and Merry Christmas!

John and Barb

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