August 2017 Newsletter

Hi all,

Did you know the USA is going to experience another full solar eclipse 7 years from now, on April 8, 2024. If you overlay the path of Monday's eclipse which went from Washington State southeast across St. Louis/Memphis area exiting through South Carolina, with the 2024 eclipse which will start in Texas and exits through Maine, you'll find the X where they intersect is directly over the New Madrid Fault between St. Louis and Memphis. Just some thoughts...


Thank you for your prayers; My 'cardioversion' to correct the AFib worked, and my heart is now back on the regular rhythm - it was quite a testimony. As I woke up the anesthesiologist told me he had learned something, which was that the first 2 times of shocking my heart didn't work, but my cardiologist told the anesthesiologist he had read about a particular drug used in anesthesia when applied just before a shock, sometimes helped the heart get back on rhythm - he had the medicine there and did it, and it worked! The anesthesiologist said that any other doctor would have quit after 2 tries, but mine didn't, knowing this little 'trick'. Praise God we are so thankful!


I encourage you to watch my weekly video teachings on Facebook or Youtube; posted to be seen when convenient for you but live Wednesdays 8am central US time.


I'll be in Osawatomie, Kansas this weekend teaching on 'Angels & Demons' Saturday and Sunday - looking forward to seeing long time friends there.


New England Conference Columbus Day weekend, October 7-8, Manchester, New Hampshire. Email Tom & Sylvia for details: or me at We are planning on having our Dutch leaders Wil and Ank fly in for it, others from Montreal area affiliate, and others in the New England area - it will be a mix of fall colors, food, teaching, worship, Q&A, prayer and ministry.


Fall in the US

With so many friends in the southern hemisphere I have to keep in mind autumn in the US is spring in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and other nations south of the equator, hello and thanks for your patience our southern hemisphere friends!


Fall in the US - I had told you a month or so ago when I was in the midst of terrible symptoms with my AFib, at that point it was affecting me so much fluid was building around my lungs and I was on a strong diuretic, but for several nights had to sit bolt upright in a recliner to be able to breathe - that in the midst of worshipping the Father I was in the Spirit and the Lord came and stood by me. He put His left hand on my shoulder and said "You will live and not die." He then started talking to me about several things between then and next September (2018), much of it personal about CWOWI and where He is leading, and other things about the body of Christ as a whole, and world events.


One of those things involved the body of Christ in the west and how He is preparing us for turmoil ahead economically and culturally, and in moral and spiritual strength. He is going to allow people to reap the consequences of their beliefs and actions, pulling back His grace just a bit as He asks the body (in the US and west) to judge itself in some areas. One of the interesting things He said was about the body of Christ in the US and west and where it is not life-threatening to be a Christian compared to the body in other parts of the world. He spoke of hardship (Christians) are going through in other parts of the world while much of the west and US resemble the Laodicean church.


You will recall the Laodecian's were lukewarm and because they were rich, thought they lacked nothing. But in the Lord's eyes there were "wretched, poor, blind, miserable and naked." 


That last element is the most important - naked in the Lord's eyes. In Revelation 3:4-5 and elsewhere in scripture, 'fine linen clean and white' (Rev 19:14) or 'white robes' (Rev 6:11, 7:9, etc) are righteousness in the Lord. These are seen in the Parable of the Marriage Feast of Matthew 22:1-14 in which a guest thought he could attend the wedding feast and was asked in v12 "Where is your wedding garment?" and "he was speechless" and was cast out. (Let the redeemed of the Lord say so, with confession of the mouth of Jesus is Lord we affirm our salvation, but this guest refused to speak so he was not saved, and was not allowed to partake of the marriage supper).


Of Laodecia the Lord said "Buy me gold tried in the fire, and white clothing that you may be clothed so that the shame of your nakedness is not revealed."


That's where the US body of Christ is to a large extent - not everyone by any means - so don't be in fear. If you're not right before Him you'll know it. But specifically for those who think because they are prosperous they are righteous, who live a facade, a veneer of their faith, those who think they need nothing and no one and caught up in themselves rather than outwardly to others - those are the ones who are about to have the shame of their nakedness (unrighteousness) - the fact they are not right before Him - appear. First to themselves between them and the Lord, then to others who will see their spiritual lives for what it isn't - if they don't change their heart.


He did not go into detail other than to say for some it will be because of fear as their world is shaken, revealing their faith has been in their riches and status, but mainly that there will be many who are urged on by their spirit man because they sense from the Holy Spirit to repent and seek Him. He described this as a subtle, from the spirit man outward rather than headline grabbing 'The Lord is moving over here' sort of thing. He said there are those who do have ears to hear what the Spirit is saying and they are removing their self-imposed blinders, spiritual gluttons as if awakening from a stupor who suddenly realize where they are and the way they are.


He explained much of it will come through fear from what people see happening around them, and some people will get serious about and/or seek true faith in Him.


We're going to see a spiritual dissatisfaction in the west and US like never before, for people will be searching for the real, for the genuine, for what is right, and many will love the Lord with purity and not according to what they think He can do for them. He also said many of the churches that once considered themselves on the cutting edge will continue to become more like the denominations that preceded them and the exodus from them He talked to me about in a 1991 visitation will continue to increase.


He also spoke with tenderness and great joy of those enduring so much in other parts of the world, holding fast to their faith even to death - He is so pleased with so many.


His words matched impressions I had by the Spirit in my spirit from the Father, made earlier this spring. Then, the Father was asking me to pray for the fall in the US, specifically the economy and Congress and (as I've shared before in general terms) reminded me what He said a while back: "The collapse will come when conservatives are in charge". I also shared (recently in this space) about that vision of the Congressman trying to climb backwards up a playground slide, taking a step up but sliding right back down again to where he started.


What the Father put in my spirit was this when He was asking me to pray (for leaders and others that these things may be delayed or avoided): "In the fall term if the Congress does not pass the significant legislation as promised, faith in the economy will waver and the stock market will suffer. Many will call it a correction, but it wlll actually be just the beginning of more significant changes to the nation economically, politically, and culturally." Again that was in context telling me to pray people will do the right thing that many of these things may be avoided or lessened. He also spoke of the culture war going on in the US - we're just seeing the tip of the iceberg but more later.


I've also shared in this space that in spite of what many prophesies have said concerning the President, in my spirit there is a blank, it's just flat, no feeling, no joy. Barb and I were talking like there was a sense he may not finish his term...and that is what the Father said to pray about, that we may live in peace that He may do His work.


All these things the Father and Lord will work together to bring maturity to the body of Christ. There are those in the coming days who will become serious about their faith like they have never before - they are going to be waking up as it were from a spiritual slumber, like a sugar-induced nap after a large meal and big dessert. Others will be content where they (spiritually) are...and a separation in the body will become more pronounced between the disciples of Jesus and those who say they are Christians but don't live it.


I didn't mean to take up the whole space with this - I also want to encourage you to meet with friends as they did in Acts 2:42: "They were in the apostles teaching and fellowship, and food and prayers." It is simple - relationship based, start with what you have, maybe inviting friends over for a meal, some prayer, some discussion on what the Lord is doing in each life...and with commitment and purpose as you continue in these things it can become a home based church.


I am amazed how much better I feel now that my heart AFib has been corrected - it was really starting to affect me in many ways. Thank you for your prayers and gifts as they are very important to us at this time! Know that your prayer requests you write in via offering envelope and email ARE prayed for and kept track of - thank you for the privilege of doing so!



John & Barb

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