April 2013 Newsletter

Dear friends,

Barb and I have just returned from our Dutch and Finland conferences – thank you to those who helped her join me, and for your prayers, what a blessing!

The Dutch conference was a reunion of old friends ranging from Scotland to Lithuania, and points in between, and the making of new ones. The solid friendships contributed to the unity, and was especially noted by the exchanging of emails and Skype contact information between many, leading to talk of visiting among themselves, just as we see people in the book of Acts traveling on their own between the house churches as friendships developed.                                                     

The weekend after was the Finnish conference, with friends from Finland, Russia, and Sweden attending, about 100 total. Both conferences had a ‘settled’ feeling to them, as many are either already affiliated with us and doing house church, or are new to us but have already started a house church. In each conference the Lord moved by the Spirit to touch lives, but the Saturday night time of worship and ministry in Helsinki stood out in my mind.                                              

The young man who led us into worship on keyboard knew how to move with the Holy Spirit, and we worked well together. Therefore after worship we took well over an hour for people to report what they received, and about half of them reported receiving ministry by the Spirit, or seeing visions or revelations, and a few reported being taken in the Spirit in the Lord alone and told words of their future.

 Monday the 15th was a long day but well worth it. I was at Helsinki’s TV7, the Christian station there, by 9am to teach 4 sessions about house church, which lasted into the afternoon. Those sessions will be subtitled in Finnish and aired later, and seen in Finland, Sweden, and on their Israel station, as well as the Internet. The afternoon consisted of an interview and photos for their monthly Christian newspaper, and that evening I ministered in the ‘Holy Spirit’ night TV show, which aired live.

That Monday night I shared from Matthew 11:28-30 where Jesus invited all who are heavy with burdens to come and be yoked with Him (rather than the burdens). When we are yoked with Jesus His peace permeates our spirit, and if we allow it, will flow up and cause our souls to rest – our mind and emotions – no matter what is going on around us.

With recent headlines this is especially relevant. I continue to be amazed how nothing in the world affects the peace of God in our spirit. When Jesus said ‘You will find rest for your souls’, it is because the world’s burdens and work allows no peace for our souls. Maintaining that peace is worth fighting for. Let us not lose focus on the peace in our spirit man, rather let us guard and protect that peace by not letting our fears and worry run away with our imagination. Think on the peace, on good things, maintain worship and thanks, and peace in your spirit will dominate your thoughts.                                                                                    

Thank you for your prayers and support, and remember when confronted with something unexpected, it hasn’t caught the Father by surprise, and if you will ask He will reveal His provision.

Blessings, John and Barb   

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