Relationship Between Heaven & Earth #2

Hi all,

I’m sharing about the relationship between heaven and earth that you may be encouraged.


I love hearing the Father’s perspective and the Lord’s, because the reality of renewing our minds is actually the process in which we start to think like Him and living by His perspective on things. That means when we learn of heaven’s point of view we adjust our thinking accordingly, so that when something catches us by surprise here on earth we can call to remembrance once again, heaven’s point of view.


The Holy Spirit is an eye witness

On the day of Pentecost as recorded in Acts 2:25-32, Peter said King David saw the resurrection of Jesus some 1000 years future: “…David said about Him…seeing this before, spoke of the resurrection of Christ…” and in 5:32: “…and we are witnesses of these things, so is the Holy Spirit…”


This is how heaven operates – the Holy Spirit is the link between heaven and earth and He knows what is happening in both realms. The way He showed David the resurrection of Jesus 1000 years future is the same way He shows you something about your future. He is an eyewitness both to events here on earth, and to events in the heart of the Father even if those events are 1000 years in the future!


Jesus said in John 16:13 of the Holy Spirit: “When He comes, the Holy Spirit of truth, He will guide you into all truth for He won’t speak of Himself, but only what He hears. And He will show you things to come.”


This is why there are no prayers to the Holy Spirit in the New Testament (and to do otherwise is unscriptural no matter what any preacher says or writes, Jesus was very clear here) for He only repeats what He hears from the Father and Son. As Jesus had said just before this statement about the way the Holy Spirit functions: “I have many other things to say to you, but you cannot grasp them now. However when He the Spirit of truth comes He will guide you into all truth, for He doesn’t speak of His own, but only speaks what He hears…” The Father is the granter of prayers, the Holy Spirit is just the Messenger between Him and us on earth.


Any experience anyone has on this earth, from being born of the Spirit to seeing Jesus or even carried away ‘in the Spirit’ as the apostle John described it in The Revelation 1:10 and 4:2, is via the Holy Spirit. He is the enabler by which all things in heaven are made known here on earth.


An analogy would be what I’ve used many times before: A father is going to wash a car, so he tells the son to wash it. The son uses water to wash the car. The father planned it, the son did it, the water was the agent used to actually do the cleaning. The Father planned it, the Son did it, the Holy Spirit is the agent used to actually do the ‘cleaning’. All things here on earth that are of God, are done by the Holy Spirit, from revelation that Jesus is the Christ, to the new birth, to communication from earth to heaven and heaven to earth.


Knowing what I said last week of Paul’s statement that there is one family in heaven and earth, we must therefore understand it is the Holy Spirit who is in both places uniting this one family in two realms.


Furthermore, Paul elaborated on Jesus’ statement of John 16:13 that the Holy Spirit only repeats what He hears in I Corinthians 2:9-16. As He expanded that teaching he starts by saying a person’s eyes, ears, and mind cannot discern or know what the Father has prepared for us (they are foolishness to natural man). But the Spirit knows what has been prepared because “He searches all things, yea, the deep things of (Father) God.” and “We have not received the spirit of the world, but the Spirit of God, so that we might know all things He has provided for us.”


The Holy Spirit is right now searching the Father God to know what He has prepared for you – this moment, this hour, this day, this week, this year, and beyond.


The Holy Spirit is a true and faithful witness to the heart of the Father, and of the Lord Jesus, the Head of the body. David in about 1000 BC saw the resurrection of Jesus, and Peter stated the Holy Spirit was also a witness ‘of these things’. When you have a peace about a decision you make that peace comes to your spirit because the Holy Spirit is bearing witness that what you decided is in fact what the Father has provided for you. This is why Jesus called Him the ‘Spirit of Truth’ in John 16:13. He won’t lie about what He heard in heaven. He won’t change anything about what He heard in heaven.


He changes nothing from what He hears to what He then puts in your spirit – peace, comfort, joy, excitement that your mind doesn’t know why you have, because He has searched the Father for His provision, found it, and tells you by that peace that your decision is exactly what the Father has prepared for you. Amazing grace!


Heaven’s perspective on this

Barb and I had been worshipping for about an hour and then she went off to bed, but I lingered. Suddenly, Jesus was there in the living room and He said “I want to teach you about prayer.” During that teaching I learned that most prayer actually begins in the heart of the Father God, who wants to bring His will into people’s lives. That should not be a surprise for we’ve all prayed the ‘Lord’s Prayer’, that His will be done on earth as it is in heaven, but in this visitation I suddenly realized He does so person by person bringing HIs kingdom into their hearts and outward to their lives. Up to that moment I had thought of the Lord’s prayer as a sort of ‘come and set up your kingdom all over the earth’ rather than ‘come and set up your kingdom in my heart and then outward into my life.’


I saw the Father looking for someone to be sensitive to a desire He had for His will in someone’s life, but He needed legal access into that person’s life. An example would be of those of us who pray for a patient in an ambulance as it drives past us lights and siren blaring. The person they are transporting or on their way too get may not have anyone who is praying for them, and our prayer is actually granting legal access for the Father to enter earth and in particular their situation. He is such a gentleman and free will being what it is, He may have been shut out of that person’s life for decades – until that moment when because of His great love for that person, He ordered your steps to be at that place at that time so that you could ask Him to become involved in their life.


I’ve had two times in two separate visitations where the Lord has said, “The Father and I will not be blamed on that last day. For the day will reveal we were fair and just in all things, and no one will place blame at our feet on that day.”


The first time He said that was following this statement: “When a person vows a vow to Me or the Father, we take it seriously for most of the times those vows come from the heart, not just the emotion (flesh).” I asked what He meant and He said, “There are many times a person will say ‘I will go anywhere for you Lord. I will do anything you ask of me Lord’, and things like that. Heaven takes that seriously because it is from their spirit, but then so often sin and distractions enter in and they go off in another direction for their life.”


“When they vowed that vow, according to the Spirit of Truth, heaven made preparation for their lives according to their vow. Then, when they go in another direction and face hardship and sometimes great loss, even over decades of going their own way, they sometimes blame me or the Father for allowing those things to happen. But the Father and I will not be blamed on that last day. For the day will reveal we were fair and just in all things, and no one will place blame at our feet on that day. They will see then if not first in this life, the errors of their ways.” Interestingly to me, Jesus expressed no condemnation for the person with this statement, it was just fact, just that His grace is so much bigger than our failures that He died for us anyway, and in the end He wants the goodness of the Father to be revealed to all.


You see, the Spirit of Truth as a witness works both ways – not only of searching the Father for His provision and even showing us things provided in our future, but also the other direction, according to promises we make here and now, which causes heavenly preparation to be made, the Spirit searching the depths of our heart and how we have prepared for God in our lives.


The good news is we cannot out maneuver, out guess, or surprise the Father. He knew from before the foundation of the world all our broken promises, all our detours from His will – yet He will be shown to have been faithful to plan according to our spirit man’s vows, and thus when He reveals our error and sin, we will along with all mankind, fall on our faces and give glory to the Father for His great grace and mercy for we will all see He does all things well, and He will (finally) be shown to all beings to be the Only Good and Just Father above all.


Continuing next week…until then, blessings,

John Fenn

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