Spiritual Dream, Part 2

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The dream continued...

He was saying this as we closed last week....


He looked at me and said, "The church has long prostituted herself through the centuries in different ways, but there have also always been those who have refused to do so. These have never been malnourished, having always fed themselves on the things of the Spirit and sought wisdom and knowledge in Me.


As you teach the ways of the Father malnourishment becomes self-evident to those who are malnourished, and for those not, they will recognize the ways of the Father..."


Suddenly in a blink of an eye the Lord was standing next to me in the midst of the trees, and now He was dressed as I've seen Him before in most of my visitations - robed with a red sash over his left shoulder extending down over His right hip, written with "The Word of God" in a language at first glance is foreign, but if you look at it the letters rearrange themselves to your eyes to be whatever language you are used to - and even illiterate people can read it because it communicates that revelation to the heart, not the mind.


We started walking together among the trees as we watched the woman and her daughters, Wisdom and Knowledge, wash in the river, fully clothed. They washed as people who had not seen clean water in a very long time, standing nearly waist deep in it, picking up handfuls of water and pouring it slowly over their arms, immersing themselves, splashing their faces, relishing each washing. As they did so their clothes became 'healed' for lack of a better term. Wherever the water touched, that area that had been soiled and ragged, became a sort of opaque yet somewhat translucent white in a new material - it was amazing to watch because it was in areas the water touched only, and it seemed she was determined to wash each area until all her clothing was transformed into that beautiful white garment.


I also realized somehow the water, or perhaps the Life in the water, had the ability to soak into them and lift emotional hurts and burdens, and with each splash on their bodies another burden was eased away while imparting fresh and balanced truth, and repeated washings in the same area lifted a bit more each time until there was no burden left. Then the woman would wash another area of her body, her left arm for instance, over and over again which washed by layers it seemed, a particular burden or memory or hurt.


Then to her right arm, rinse, repeat...and then to her shoulder, and so on as if she knew the water on each particular area would address a particular hurt or burden or correct some error she had believed. As the woman washed, the girls, Wisdom and Knowledge, moved closer and closer to her, and then suddenly they sort of melted into her, so that Wisdom and Knowledge were now part of the woman, the church as one.


And this is weird, but people coming to the river were somehow also part of her, like she was their mother and they were connected, yet for some it seemed like they had to get reaquainted - and her washings were not just for her singular, but for all who were part of her - the church. Somehow I understood this woman was also a bride to be, and was preparing. I never saw her leave the river; She just continued to wash.


The trees represent wisdom and knowledge in balance to each person, and the river is the Word while the breeze is the Holy Spirit. People would come out of the water and drip dry, yet the revelation and peace provided by the water stayed with them way down inside, and each person was reflective and quiet as they walked out. Most everyone found a place under a tree to sit, though some lingered, standing, absorbing - but once to 'their' tree they sat down back against the trunk contemplating deeply personal things.


It seemed as they came out of the river the water didn't just evaporate away, but rather soaked into their being instead, almost like their bodies were drawing the water from their clothes onto their skin and then into their skin and being...just sort of soaking it all in as if they themselves were like sponges, once dry but now soaking in all they could of the Lord and revelation until saturated for the time being. And while that was happening, it was also in a sort of teamwork drying naturally in the gentle breeze which is the Holy Spirit, who brought a crispness and freshness the way the coolness of water evaporating off the skin what we would say, 'braces a person' with the quick coolness felt in contrast to the warmth of the water. That 'bracing' made them come alive, alert, quick minded as if they had earlier been in a mental and spiritual haziness.


As the Lord and I walked among the trees I was aware that while talking to me, the Lord was also orchestrating the memories and revelation of each person coming out of the water as they made their way to a tree, in a sort of re-writing of their history to see things from His point of view. This was naturally pointed out to them in a deeply personal and private way- each point in their lives they had deviated from His path or had believed some error. Whatever communion with Him by the Spirit was going on, I was never told details for each person's life was their own and none of my business, but I could tell the Lord was what we would call, multi-tasking, yet He was able to devote full attention to each person somehow.


He said each person had a tree, and each tree represented their life transformed by Him, and I asked for chapter and verse on that one. He said, "You've read Psalm 1 for when you first knew Me you read it and you told me you wanted to be like that, accepting the process within that Psalm - That you would be as a strong tree planted by the rivers and produce fruit that masses of people could be nourished from. I even gave (Janny) a prophecy and vision to you about how your life and marriage would be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, remember? Each individual who desires it and will pay the price, is like that tree."


Each tree was individual, yet part of the larger whole that made that area the refreshing and peaceful place it was. As we walked I looked down at the buildings and street there was such contrast with overwhelming peace where I was among the brethren, but busy-ness and people running around in their own strength, focused only on their lives in the street...down on the street people were sweating and working so hard just to get down the street as little ways in their lives.


Seeing me looking down at the street, the Lord stopped walking so I did too, and He turned to look down at the street and said, "Watch this." Suddenly many of the malnourished were now turning to where they should have been all along, suddenly able to see through the wall and even enter the area where mechanics greeted them, and some saw and went directly for the small alley like path between the buildings to climb the hill to us. It was like a light bulb went on, as if they had been in a daze and suddenly awoke to what was real and what they were looking for - it was amazing to watch for as they did, suddenly what was important became clear to their eyes, and they made abrupt and life-changing decisions.


And suddenly the mechanics and people joined us, emptying out the area along the street they had been, now walking up the hill to be welcomed by the Lord, whom they passed almost immediately to go to the River.


"Notice how many are coming to the river - for it is In the river flowing from the Father's throne, in the close company and relationship with others, you'll see more and more, as I've told you before. Part of your call is to minister to the malnourished, to bring them good food in a balanced diet, as well as to those already well-fed but wanting to become more fit in Me."


As we walked He got quite serious, almost business like in His matter-of-fact manner. He said: "Have you considered what will motivate most of these people to come to this place to be cleansed and find balance and peace, and then sit under their tree in wholeness? What do you think has helped bring them to the moment of clarity in which they suddenly understand what is important and are also willing to act on that? Revelation? Of course; but what has caused many of them to seek the Father for answers?"


"Remember when the Father told you in 2005 that in 10 years, this year, you wouldn't recognize the country for what it had become? I tell you the truth that in 2 years you won't recognize it again. What took 10 years to change this nation will be done, and much more, in 2 years time, and this time the whole world is involved and won't be recognized in 2 years. So what do you think is the reason all these people suddenly have clarity about what is important to them, and to make them willing to become serious about their walk with Me?"


And again I'm out of space for this week...stay tuned for the conclusion of the dream next week...until then, blessings,

John Fenn

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