Revelation of Grace

Prophetic: I have a sense in my spirit of economic fear in August/September with effects going into October – just a need to pray and watch with interest.

Always remember that God’s Word is unchanged, which means Matthew 6 still stands, that if we seek Him and His righteousness all the things we need, will be provided. Also Philippians 4:19, that He provides for us according to His riches in glory. He does not provide according to the economy, but according to His riches in glory. Such peace!

Prophetic Insight: In the days to come many in the body of Christ will learn a new dimension in their walk with the Lord. As it pertains to provision, we need to understand that grace moves by seasons, not seconds.

When the Lord made the earth He said the sun, moon, and stars would be for dividing day from night, and for signs, seasons, days and years. (Gen 1:14)

He still moves in that way – not according to ‘we need it right now Lord’ but rather ‘I need it in this season, Lord’.

For instance: The lady who used to cut my hair closed her shop. This is of particular interest because I take Chris, our oldest son, who is handicapped and about 4 years old mentally though 32 years old – so I suddenly needed to find a place handicapped accessible, with personnel willing to cut a moving target (Chris talks constantly during his haircut and doesn’t always hold still).

Knowing that II Peter 1:3-4 says ALL things that pertain to life (provision) and godliness (what I need to grow in Him) have already been provided for me, I look for grace…thinking, where has the Father provided.

In times like this, I just keep my eyes and ears open, reason things out, and wait. I considered another place in town, but it looked pretty feminine and offers tanning and such, so not a place for me or Chris.

My hair was getting long, and I told the Father I needed to find a place, but I just kept it to myself, waiting for grace to reveal itself.

Last week ‘by chance’ I was at a local hamburger/ice cream restaurant and a lady next to me was talking to the teen age boy behind the counter who was serving the milk shakes and such. He said he needed to get a haircut, and this lady told him of a shop that is geared towards men rather than women, where it was located, and the things like that.

I asked her a bit more about it, and she thought it would be perfect for Chris and me. Yesterday I went there confident it was where grace had provided. Sure enough, the place is handicapped accessible, the lady who owns the shop, get this – her mother works for the same group home company where Chris lives! So she is comfortable with cutting the hair of a moving target and comfortable around handicapped people. And she did a perfect job on my hair…thank you Father for the revelation of grace.

Another example: In Acts 16:6 Paul is traveling east to west (from right to left on a map) through what is now the modern nation of Turkey, trying to turn left and head down to the coast. Twice, in verses 6 and 7 it says the Holy Spirit wouldn’t let them go that direction.

This is when you keep getting a ‘no’ or plans don’t work out, yet the Lord hasn’t yet revealed where He wants you to go or what you are to do. It is frustrating when He says no, but offers no further information!

Paul and his group therefore did what they knew to do, that is to keep going the direction they were headed. They did what was right in the natural, looking for the revealing of grace. Finally, in verse 8 they reached Troas, which was the end of land – they had traveled all the way across Turkey, unable to turn left along the way to head to the coast – and now they had come all the way to where there was no more land.

It was that night Paul saw a man in a vision/spiritual dream of Macedonia in Greece asking them to come over, which they understood was the Lord’s revealed grace.

Both cases are examples of provision by grace, waiting for grace to be revealed. The provision was there, it was just a matter of letting it be revealed, leaving it in the Father’s hands until the time, until the season.

That’s what I mean by moving in seasons rather than seconds. When we live in the seasons of God, we find provision as we just walk into what He has provided…Barb and I have lived like this our whole lives, but many Christians are used to pushing and pushing, mistakenly thinking the Father wants us to be like that – that is not faith nor is it grace.

Learn to walk with God in seasons and allow Him to reveal His provision and direction. This is going to become more real for much of the body of Christ in the coming times.

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