Jesus and some quantum physics things #2


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This is part 2 of a 3 part series sharing some of the more quantum physics questions I've had for the Lord and the answers He has given.


How did you walk on water?

And so it was after teaching me in a visitation He casually asked, "Do you have anything you would like to ask Me?"


Now you might think with a handicapped son that I might ask why and about healing him - but He and I had already had that conversation which shall remain private - or about some other questionable event in my life, but that wasn't the case. When you are in the Spirit it seems the questions that come up are things in your spirit you've been curious about of things in Him but haven't been a top priority - so I asked, "How did you walk on water? Did you float or did the water firm up under your feet, or was there a path across the top that firmed up? And how and why did you transport all of you plus the boat across the lake like that?"


Setting the context - all these things were whirling around in my mind

Three gospels share the story of Jesus walking on water, which happened immediately after He had fed 5,000 men plus women and children: Matthew 14:22-33, Mark 6:45-52, John 6: 15-21.


John's gospel shares that upon seeing the miracle of the loaves the crowd had turned into a mob and were going to take Jesus by force and make Him King, so He sent the disciples away by boat with instructions to go to the other side, while He headed into the mountains - losing the crowds and having time to pray.


John also tells us they had rowed only 25 or 30 furlongs - a furlong is 660 feet or 201 meters. So 25 or 30 furlongs is 3.1 to 3.7 miles or 5.0 or 6.0 kilometers, which is only about half way across the lake. Verse 21 tells us "When He got into the boat, immediately the boat was at the land where it was going." He transported supernaturally the whole boat with them in it to their destination.


Mark's gospel, which is the gospel that deals with the unbelief of man's heart throughout, tells us Jesus 'would have walked by them' and focused on the disciples being in disbelief when Jesus walked on water; hearts hardened in unbelief 'because they considered not the miracle of the loaves'.


Matthew's gospel tells us they saw Jesus in the 4th watch, which was 3am to 6am, and is the only gospel that tells of Peter walking on water. Matthew shares when they saw Jesus walking on the water Jesus said to them, "Be happy. I AM. Now stop being afraid!" (v27) Peter's response in v28 was, "Lord, if you are (the I AM), command me to come to you on the water!" Peter was not questioning if it was the Lord or a ghost, he was challenging Jesus' claim to be I AM - the One who spoke to Moses out of the burning bush in Exodus 3:14.


Unfortunately most translations water down the I AM to 'it is I' which changes everything - the Amplified and a few others translate it exactly as Matthew wrote it.


So when I asked the Lord 'How did you walk on the water?'...

I was thinking of how it physically happened, why He wanted to walk on by them, and why He transported the boat full of men half way across the lake (Sea of Galilee). All that was wrapped up in that question. Additionally, I wanted to know if when Mark 6:48 says 'He saw them' though they were out on the lake in the middle of the night and He alone on land, did He see them in the Spirit or was it a clear moon or closer to 6am which was near sunrise and He could see them normally.


As quickly as I asked the question a vision popped up like on a large TV screen, with the Lord standing to the right of the rectangular window into that night, and He narrated and explained what I was seeing. My vantage point was initially shore-side from a distance, like a part of a triangle in which to my right I saw the boat and men on the lake rowing hard against the wind, and on the left side was Jesus in the hills. In that way I could easily see Him in the hills looking out and down onto the lake, while also seeing the boat and men working hard against the wind and waves. As He narrated my vantage point changed to follow Him across the lake as a by-stander.


Suddenly there appeared what seemed to be a tornado-like spinning cylinder on its side, with Jesus at the mouth of it and it extending all the way across the lake, past the boat, to the shore on the other side. Only then did I ask, "Lord, what am I seeing?" He replied, "You would think of it as a worm-hole, and it is the means by which I walked on the water and transported the boat to the other side." And with that, He started walking in it, narrating to me as He walked.


"I had said goodbye to the men and told them to meet me on the other side, and I expected them to do that, which is why I would have walked right on by them." Just then I saw the scene play out - Jesus was looking not at the men, but at the other side of the lake with a direct intensity in all the times I've seen Him, I've never seen before. He was focused on getting to the other side. I could see that tunnel, that swirling tunnel that was laying on the water and through which the Lord was walking, did not include the boat - Jesus was just walking through it towards the other side - I could clearly see the other end opened on the shore.


Then I saw the men cry out in fear, and the Lord's gaze was broken, and He looked towards them. As He did so the tunnel shifted so that even though He had now deviated from His original path, the tunnel deviated with Him, suddenly now encompassing the boat and Lord together. It was there He told them to be happy because He is 'I AM', now stop being afraid. And it was there Peter climbed over the side of the boat and began walking, only to start sinking - that was fascinating to watch as it was rather like quicksand suddenly to Peter. And the Lord bending over, taking him by the hand and back up to level, and walking together back to the boat. Then suddenly the boat and men were very nearly beached at the other side, just needing to nose the boat up a bit.


There is so much I learned just watching - seeing Peter sink as in quicksand, gradually as he looked at the wind and waves - spoke volumes about how faith is eroded, rarely just gone in an instant, but rather in a process of weighing in the emotions and thoughts the wind and waves with the fact you are walking where you never thought you much in that little tiny part of what I saw.


He continued:

"When I told them to go to the other side, I did so because I had earlier calmed a storm with my command when we were together on the lake (Matthew 8:23-27) and they had similarly already used my name to heal the sick, cleanse lepers, and cast out demons, (Matthew 10:1-) so I expected them to do what they knew to do, but they didn't." Immediately I thought of John 6:1-6 which happened before He fed the 5,000, asking the disciples how they were going to feed the people and v6 says, "This He said to test him, for He Himself knew what He would do."


He doesn't test us with evil, but He will allow us to be in situations we have to choose faith or fear, to step out in what we know in our spirit, or shrink back. So much of walking with Him is 'according to your faith be it unto you'. He allows us to be in situations where we must choose, as it has been since the beginning.


He continued:

"I had what you would call a divine appointment to be on the other side at that time." That showed me something that would preach well in any message - no matter the wind and waves of life that put you behind in your walk with God, when Jesus gets into your boat you are immediately where you should have been all along - meaning the time and effort was not wasted, and you aren't behind as you suppose. You are exactly where you should be now at this time and place. Adjust your thinking accordingly by losing that old thinking that you are so far behind you've failed God. You may have, but not beyond His ability to keep the divine appointments of your life. He saw you battling the wind and waves and now that you are back with Him, you are where you should be!


I also became acutely aware of His expectations. Because they had used His name to heal and cast out demons, and because they had already seen Him calm a storm, He expected them to walk in those things. We so often seem to require reminder after reminder after encouragement after gentle nudges by the Spirit to step up and do what we know to do, His true expectations are that we see it, do it, and make it our lifestyle. I determined to put to use what I knew to do in the future.


Mark's gospel makes this statement in v51-52: "And they were amazed beyond measure, and wondered, for their hearts were hardened because they had not considered the miracle of the loaves." I told Him I thought they were a bit busy between the cleaning up of the leftovers and battling the wind and waves for them to have spent time considering the miracle of the loaves - but He had no apology nor explanation on my comment, letting what He had said immediately before stand.


And then He concluded after that notable silence: "But to answer your question; The water firmed up under my feet as I stepped."


Next week; "How did you walk through the crowds in Luke 4:29-30 and John 8:58-59?"


Until then, blessings,

John Fenn

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