Jesus and some quantum physics things #1

Hi all,

I had a good friend who drew up a list of three questions for the Lord, asking me to ask the Lord those things the next time He appeared to me. I tried to explain that isn't how it happens, that He sets the agenda and no man can make Him appear nor nor can we on our own just see Him. (My friend is now in heaven and I'm sure he has asked the Lord directly, lol)


And when you are in the Spirit the questions you think you would ask Him don't even come to mind, but rather things of your spirit are what comes to mind, and sometimes you don't realize until later those things were stirring around inside you.


So in this 3 part series I'm going to share some things I've asked and been told that I can't necessarily point to a chapter and verse and say 'here it is', but rather principles observed in scripture. What the Father or Lord have shared with me fits, makes sense, and will I believe resonate as truth in your spirit. And as Paul said in Romans 12:3, I speak through the grace given to me - I can't speak from someone else's grace.


Let me share first what happened when I asked the Father "Are we all alone in the universe, or is there life on other planets?" This first part some of you may recall as I've shared elements of it before, but it leads to things I've never shared in this space, so read on please.


First, what I understood up to that point scientifically and Biblically

Scientists have determined there are over 250 specific requirements for a planet to be able to support life (that number seems to rise a little each year as scientists find more unique things required for life). For instance, if the earth was 3% closer or further from the sun we would burn up or freeze. If we had a binary star system instead of a single star life could not exist - and 75% of stars are double or binary so that eliminates 75% of all stars just by that.


If we didn't rotate at the pace of every 24 hours, one side of the planet would bake and the side would freeze. If we didn't have a moon to catch extinction level (if they hit the earth) asteroids and comets life could not exist. If we didn't have 2 large planets further out in the solar system to collect 'big ones' serving as a gravitational magnets for stray comets and asteroids headed our way, we could not have life...and on it goes with over 250 specific requirements.


To get down to numbers, the chances of 1 planet in all the universe having all those elements in place are 1 followed by 42 zeros: 1 chance in 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. That is a tiny, tiny, tiny chance...


But all the stars in the universe add up to only 1 followed by 27 zeros, which is a much smaller number than 1 followed by 42 zeros. That means there are far fewer stars in the whole universe than what are needed to be able to come up with just 1 planet that can sustain life. The universe is too small to make even 1 life sustaining planet.


Another way to say it - mathematically we should not exist. Planet earth is a miracle, an anomaly of nature, proving we are created - because He just doesn't have enough mass in the universe to actually have a planet earth. We are a purposed miracle and the math proves it.


That was rolling around my mind

At the same time I was wrestling with claims of those who believe the earth was created in a literal 6 days, versus those Christians who believe the earth is much older.

The book 'Starlight and Time' by Dr. Russell Humphreys explains that there are 2 identical atomic clocks, one near sea level in Greenwich, England, and its twin in Boulder, Colorado, about 1 mile (1.6km) above sea level.


He explains that Einstein theorized and has since been proven correct, that time speeds up the further from a gravitational force. In other words, time moves faster the further from gravity it gets. This is proven because the clock in Colorado runs 5 microseconds faster per year than the one at sea level, because it is 1 mile further removed from the gravity source of the earth than is the clock at sea level.


He explains how the Bible was written from earth's perspective, so that 6,000 years or so on earth could be 14 billion years out in space - being way far away from earth's gravity source - time being subject to gravity and perspective. Did the chicken cross the road or did the road move under its feet? Both perspectives are correct.


I had had enough

All this was swirling around in my mind and I really wanted to know if we are alone in the universe. Little did I know the Father would answer each question with a single sentence - and I was in awe.


Adding to all this: When I went to heaven I saw a lot of people, children and adults - people of all ages - each were sitting down in big chairs as they were watching all the activity, talking to people and such quite normally - but they were seated. Behind and above each one of them was what seemed to be a picture on a wall of a galaxy, but there was no wall behind them and those were actually galaxies, somehow seen enlarged, beautiful including earth's color spectrum like from the Hubble space telescope plus other colors not normally seen by human eyes - amazingly gorgeous, clearly displayed behind each person on purpose. (Nearly all were spiral galaxies)


Imagine a picture of a spiral galaxy about 4 to 5 feet (1.2-1.5m) around above each person. As we walked by I asked what that was all about, and the nonchalant reply was, "Oh, each one is the galaxy they'll be in charge of in the ages to come." I remembered scientists estimate there are about 100 billion stars in an average galaxy.


One of my favorite times with the Lord was when He told me the Father and He (in part) saved us for Ephesians 2:7: "That in the ages to come He (Father) might show forth the riches of His kindness which is toward us in Christ Jesus." The ages to can't even imagine.


All this and more was swirling around in my mind as I was contemplating; Are we alone in the universe? So I purposed to sit outside each and every night on our lounge chairs under the stars until I got an answer - it was open ended on my part. I started usually about 9pm (21:00) and just looked and thought and prayed and worshiped and talked to the Father for an hour or two each summer night - and I let Him know I would keep coming back until He answered my question: Are we alone in the universe? I had through ahead to 'what if autumn or winter comes and He still hasn't answered?' and I planned to bundle up and keep at it - no thought of quitting.


It was right at the 2 week mark when one evening He spoke: "What you see when you look out at the stars is creation to day one. I created the universe then turned my creative attention to the earth, to complete it. There will come a time when I will again turn my creative attention to the rest of the universe to complete it. So what you are looking at when you look up at that stars, son, is the universe to day one."


That blew me away - I had to pull up Genesis 1:1 in my mind: "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. And the earth was without form and void.." I had never thought of it in chronological order quite like that, that first He created the universe (heavens) and then the earth came from that - which is how scientists say the earth came about - and there is no time limit placed on that creation. There is nothing in verse 1 to tell us how long creating the 'heavens' and the earth took. I was suddenly filled with joy and excitement and amazement that when I looked at the stars I was seeing the universe right after creation, TO day one.


Day 1 of creation didn't start until after "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." The universe and earth may be billions of years old while the creation of life on the planet could have taken days...


When you see the stars at night - that is the universe TO day one - and there will come a time He will turn His creative attention to the universe to complete it - that's what He told me - which tells me He has amazing plans for His children, and all our days here are preparation for the ages to come...


Next week, when I asked the Lord during a visitation; "How did you walk on water?"

Until then, Blessings,

John Fenn

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