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Love Stories with a Twist #3, The Divorced Couple

Hi all, When a spouse commits adultery the emotional anguish of the innocent spouse is extremely intense. The love story in this installment is no different, and this one has a huge twist at the end. In this story one spouse has been unfaithful and the other goes back and forth saying in one breath they… Read more

Love Stories with a Twist #2, The Jumping Bride

Hi all, More than any other person in the Bible, Isaac provides a type and shadow of the Messiah. Before we can consider the love story to follow, I need to share some of these types and shadows.   Isaac – the promised son There are many elements to the making of an ancient covenant…. Read more

The 6 governing principles God gave man by which to live #2

Hi all, I’m continuing with the reasons people are so divided, and our individual and governmental responsibilities…   II)Man has been endowed by his Creator with intelligence and emotion by which to direct free will. These are qualifiers of governance. If a person is created with a free will, he must have the means by which to direct that free will,… Read more

The 6 governing principles God gave man by which to live #1

Hi all, All over the world governments are warring between liberal and conservative, free-will based or government based rights, and things have gotten nasty and dirty, at least in the US. As individuals we too war over self-governance. We war within ourselves between no rules, let me do as I want, versus living within rules… Read more