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Quantum Physics and Jesus, Are Thoughts Solid #3

Hi all, Continuing our discussion pondering if thoughts have substance. But to do so we must turn back to light – and Light.   God is light and there is no darkness in Him. God is love. These statements in I John 1:5 and 4:8 respectively are given as blank statements. God is love and… Read more

Love Stories with a Twist #7, Not his

Hi all, The infamous start of David and Bathsheba’s relationship is well known, and you’ll recall earlier in this series I shared the twist that David’s closest advisor, Ahithophel, was Bathsheba’s grandfather, and became co-conspirator against David with Absalom. Yet from this dysfunctional family came Solomon, and together with his father’s reign, comprised the ‘Golden Age’… Read more

Love Stories with a Twist #6, She Saved His Life

Hi all, This love story has such a twist at the end that when most people first read the story in the Bible they think they read it wrong – Right after calling him at the burning bush God tried to kill Moses – and it seems so contradictory, so strange, that we tuck that passage… Read more

Love Stories with a Twist #5, The Offended Relative

Hi all, One of the things I’ve observed in my own life is this: Sometimes we make missteps, but we were walking in the right direction and that counts, so the Lord helps us walk on down that path a littler further. Of course by helping us further down that path He knows we will yet again make missteps…ah…He… Read more

Love Stories with a Twist #3, The Divorced Couple

Hi all, When a spouse commits adultery the emotional anguish of the innocent spouse is extremely intense. The love story in this installment is no different, and this one has a huge twist at the end. In this story one spouse has been unfaithful and the other goes back and forth saying in one breath they… Read more