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Prophetic/ Judgement #3

HI all, I’ve been talking about a visitation and vision I had about the body of Christ and will close it out today.   This is a wake up call to the church asleep For much of the body of Christ around the world, believing in Jesus is a life and death situation. Many in… Read more

Prophetic/Judgement #1

Hi all, In last month’s e-newsletter I briefly shared something the Lord gave me for the body of Christ, and now I’d like to go into more detail, and also share what Peter meant when he said*, “For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God”, because they are connected. *I Peter… Read more

Why no Rapture last week? #3 Urgent/Import

Hi all, It was budget time at the Bible school where I was Executive Director, and that meant about 2 million dollars had to be worked through in detail, especially since the pastor and financial officer had asked all Department heads to cut 10% – I was determined to do that without eliminating jobs.   Being a… Read more

Why no Rapture last week #2

Hi all, In what seems like a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I owned 2 pizza delivery stores. At one of them I had a manager who was well liked, got along with everyone, and was polite with customers….but just couldn’t understand the concept of showing up for work on time.   On… Read more

Why no Rapture Last Week #1

Hi all, There is a well done little movie playing in the US right now called ‘Mr. Holmes’. Set in 1947, it is about detective Sherlock Holmes at age 93, trying to figure out his last case from 35 years earlier and how he got it so wrong. After he realizes the truth of the case… Read more

Spiritual Dream, Part 3

Hi all, The dream continued…we closed last week with:   “…So what do you think is the reason all these people suddenly have clarity about what is important to them, and to make them willing to become serious about their walk with Me?” “As happens so often, it is a combination of things in the natural… Read more

Spiritual Dream, Part 2

Hi all, The dream continued… He was saying this as we closed last week….   He looked at me and said, “The church has long prostituted herself through the centuries in different ways, but there have also always been those who have refused to do so. These have never been malnourished, having always fed themselves on the things of… Read more