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March 2017 Newsletter

Hi all, Some short updates and such. Upcoming meetings: This Tuesday, March 14-22 I’ll be in Lithuania. April 8-9 in Osawatomie, Kansas holding a seminar and prayers for emotional healing. From April 18-30, I’ll be in Finland and Norway. May 25-28 is the Dutch conference. July 14-16 Montreal/Granby, Quebec, Canada. October is our New England regional… Read more

February 2017 Newsletter

Hi all, I’ve got some quick updates, some things to look for prophetically, and general news.   On a personal level: Chris’ behavior seems to be leveling out, and he is learning not to throw his toy cars at the aides in the group home and so forth, lol though a serious issue among others… Read more

January 2017 Newsletter

  Hi all, Barb and I have had some tests and doctors visits but all seems more or less well thus far. Much to my surprise, the cardiologist is more concerned about my blood pressure than the AFib. With no outward symptoms with the AFib and no lack of energy, his advice was lose more… Read more

December 2016 Newsletter

  Hi all, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Barb had her gallbladder out December 1st and while in there they found gall stone blockage further ‘downstream’, which required a transfer to the main hospital and another procedure the next day. But she is up and around now and doing well. She has a few… Read more

November 2016 Newsletter

Hi all, I have so much to write about and update you on…first, I received quite a few people from around the world who were curious about last month’s word for the US based mail-out newsletter, so I’ve decided to share a bit here as well. You won’t be lost if you didn’t get last month’s… Read more

October 2016 Newsletter

Hi all, First a quick message for those in the US reading this: If you live in the US please read the mail-out newsletter coming this week for a prophetic message for the nation that is not in this e-newsletter (that goes out to so many nations). I”m not putting it online. The content of… Read more

September 2016 Newsletter

Hi all, Thanks for those asking about my Atrial fibrillation – AFib – the doctor said to lose another 10-20 pounds to be sure my blood pressure is down to normal, and he will see me in February to discuss the nerve ablation, which is when they insert an electrical probe to the nerve in the… Read more

August 2016 Newsletter

Hi all, As we reach the middle of August I wonder where the summer went! (Greetings to our Aussie, Kiwi, and RSA friends, who are looking for spring).   The Lord seems to move in seasons* rather than minutes and seconds, which sometimes causes us to be anxious because we live in a minutes and seconds world…. Read more

July 2016 Newsletter

Hi all, If you live in the US I encourage you to get on our mail-out newsletter list as the content is usually very different than this e-newsletter that goes to so many people in many nations. The mail out newsletter is more personal about what is happening in our lives, while the e-newsletter usually… Read more

June 2016 Newsletter

Hi all, Many are asking me about ‘Brexit’, which is the vote on June 24 deciding whether the UK will remain in the EU or separate, with many claiming economic rearranging world-wide if they exit – but does scripture provide clues? Perhaps. Let’s look at Ezekiel 38 & 39 and a future war against Israel.   The… Read more