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November 2017 Newsletter

Hi all, As I write this I’m just back from my last ministry trip for the year, and am reflecting on all the wonderful people I’ve met and the times we’ve had in the Lord. My first trip was to Lithuania in the middle of March, my last ended last night (Saturday the 11th of… Read more

October 2017 Newsletter

Hi all,   Thank you for being patient I have many emails that I’ve not been able to read that are a month old, but looking at the subject matter I can see many in the US are wanting help starting house churches –  that’s what I do. But I’m only 1 man and the… Read more

September 2017 Newsletter

Hi all, I’ll get right to the point…   Especially for the US People have been asking me about what the Father told me some 15 or so years ago (but made public I think around 2008) about 2 hurricanes hitting the US. He said there would be 2 hurricanes hit the US that would… Read more

August 2017 Newsletter

Hi all, Did you know the USA is going to experience another full solar eclipse 7 years from now, on April 8, 2024. If you overlay the path of Monday’s eclipse which went from Washington State southeast across St. Louis/Memphis area exiting through South Carolina, with the 2024 eclipse which will start in Texas and exits through… Read more

June 2017 Newsletter

Hi all,   I’ll try to squeeze a lot of information in this month, there is so much to tell, so much to reflect on. Our Dutch conference had a different dynamic this year, including a lot of children present, who had many visions and words from the Lord – it really amazed and blessed… Read more

May 2017 Newsletter

Hi all, Thank you for your prayers, especially for Chris during this busy travel season for us. We’ve only had a couple of incidents with him during this last nearly 2 week trip in April, which is amazing. Though a 2 week trip it was right at 3 weeks since seeing him due to preparation… Read more

April 2017 Newsletter

Hi all, This e-newsletter is longer than usual because I go into detail about Syria, Russia, and what is happening prophetically. It is worth reading. So my apologies for the extra length this month, but I can’ see any way to shorten it and still provide the balanced information needed.   First we’d like to… Read more

March 2017 Newsletter

Hi all, Some short updates and such. Upcoming meetings: This Tuesday, March 14-22 I’ll be in Lithuania. April 8-9 in Osawatomie, Kansas holding a seminar and prayers for emotional healing. From April 18-30, I’ll be in Finland and Norway. May 25-28 is the Dutch conference. July 14-16 Montreal/Granby, Quebec, Canada. October is our New England regional… Read more

February 2017 Newsletter

Hi all, I’ve got some quick updates, some things to look for prophetically, and general news.   On a personal level: Chris’ behavior seems to be leveling out, and he is learning not to throw his toy cars at the aides in the group home and so forth, lol though a serious issue among others… Read more

January 2017 Newsletter

  Hi all, Barb and I have had some tests and doctors visits but all seems more or less well thus far. Much to my surprise, the cardiologist is more concerned about my blood pressure than the AFib. With no outward symptoms with the AFib and no lack of energy, his advice was lose more… Read more