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Abram & the Wheel #3

Hi all, I closed last week talking about how the individual matters to God, But how was Abram to know this God?   Mother Teresa In 1988 Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity looked for a building in New York City suitable for a homeless shelter they wanted to open. They visited Mayor Ed Koch and he offered them 2… Read more

Abram & the Wheel #1

Hi all, The best breakfasts I’ve ever eaten have been in the homes of friends as I’ve traveled, and those times are cherished in my heart for the richness in food and fellowship. But in terms of hotel breakfasts, the Radisson Blu in downtown Helsinki, Finland has the most amazing variety, quality, and abundance. In fact, European breakfasts in… Read more

Disruption in Worship

Hi ____, Thanks for writing – the lady who walks in late is wrong, and is in fact moved by a wrong spirit. I’ve seen this many times, (if coming in late isn’t just a matter of disorganization in their lives) people with demonic or emotional or turmoil in their private lives are often influenced… Read more