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Self-Centered/Righteous? #4 (Giving Tzedakah)

Hi all, I’ve been talking about tzedakah, often translated as ‘righteousness’ in our Bibles, and how tzedakah in Hebrew culture and the Bible is both vertical AND horizontal. Tzedakah states for a person to be right with God vertically he must also be right with his fellow man ‘horizontally’.     Giving and tzedakah The word tzedakah… Read more

Self-centered/Right #3 (Marriage/Divorce)

Hi all, This series is about tzedakah, righteousness in Hebrew, and my statement that a true disciple of Jesus (not just a believer, but a disciple) cannot live a self-focused life, but will undergo a process in which the Lord brings them through self-centeredness to turn outward towards others as they mature in Him.   Church culture teaches righteousness is… Read more