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The 6 governing principles God gave man by which to live #2

Hi all, I’m continuing with the reasons people are so divided, and our individual and governmental responsibilities…   II)Man has been endowed by his Creator with intelligence and emotion by which to direct free will. These are qualifiers of governance. If a person is created with a free will, he must have the means by which to direct that free will,… Read more

The 6 governing principles God gave man by which to live #1

Hi all, All over the world governments are warring between liberal and conservative, free-will based or government based rights, and things have gotten nasty and dirty, at least in the US. As individuals we too war over self-governance. We war within ourselves between no rules, let me do as I want, versus living within rules… Read more

Now I Get it #4, White Stone

Hi all, This autumn we took a trip with others to visit friends in house churches in the US area called ‘New England’, which is the far northeast section of our country. On our last day we stopped by a favorite spot, the Lobster Shack on Two Lights Road, Cape Elizabeth, Maine. I don’t eat… Read more

Self-Centered/Righteous? #4 (Giving Tzedakah)

Hi all, I’ve been talking about tzedakah, often translated as ‘righteousness’ in our Bibles, and how tzedakah in Hebrew culture and the Bible is both vertical AND horizontal. Tzedakah states for a person to be right with God vertically he must also be right with his fellow man ‘horizontally’.     Giving and tzedakah The word tzedakah… Read more

Self-centered/Right #3 (Marriage/Divorce)

Hi all, This series is about tzedakah, righteousness in Hebrew, and my statement that a true disciple of Jesus (not just a believer, but a disciple) cannot live a self-focused life, but will undergo a process in which the Lord brings them through self-centeredness to turn outward towards others as they mature in Him.   Church culture teaches righteousness is… Read more

Why God is involved in…#2

Hi all, Last week I shared how a category of sin at its core has to do with the purposeful and withfull knowledge, rejection of God and all that is His natural order. The US Constitution states rights are given by our Creator and government’s job is to defend and define those rights. But some reject that, believing… Read more

Why is God involved in…#1

Hi all, With a recent ruling in the US I wanted to share some thoughts from a perspective I’ve not seen yet, which I hope will provide some insight as to the ways of the Lord.   I could list any number of sins and works of the flesh from the New Testament – strife, adultery, witchcraft,… Read more