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The Truth Behind “Standing on the Word” #2

Hi all, Last week I shared the tradition of ‘standing on the Word’ and the examples in scripture of Peter and Paul who ‘stood’ based on personal revelation the Lord gave them for their situation and life, rather than thumbing through verses to find one that fit their situation. I ended asking where the Lord… Read more

September 23 Sign in the Heavens

Hi all, I’ve long wondered how the Magi were able to look to the night sky and determine a king had been born in Israel. Many have looked at star maps from roughly the years 10BC to 1AD and come up with their own ideas of what this or that planet meant when it was in what… Read more

Jesus and some quantum physics things #3

Hi all,   I’m sharing a few things I’ve asked the Lord during visitations that fall under the category of ‘quantum physics’, continuing today with the question: “How did you walk through the crowds in Luke 4:29-30 and John 8:58-59?”   Setting the context of my understanding Luke 4 records Jesus in His hometown reading… Read more