Without Walls Bible School

The Without Walls Bible School is an online, systematic study of the Bible and related topics. It is offered for the purpose of growth in Christ and personal enrichment, rather than for transferable credits towards a certificate or degree.

No certificate or accumulation of credits toward a graduation is planned, though credit hours and a certificate of completion or graduation may be offered later (some schools may recognize classes taken here as life credit for the consideration of placement within another school or course of study).


Courses will include traditional subjects such as Old and New Testament Survey I & II, as well as courses unique to a particular doctrine or area of interest. Over the next year new courses and in particular, new lessons for each course will be added on a monthly basis. The school will add courses offered over time, with a goal of having the equivalent of a full year of courses online by the end of 2012.

List of Courses

Old Testament Survey 1
Old Testament Survey 2
Our Authority in Christ



Teachers will come from Church Without Walls affiliates.



Courses are offered online and may include outlines and/or handouts, and some may offer exams. A new student will complete a free registration form one time to register with the school as an active student, and after that may choose which course(s) in which to enroll. Each class session is generally 45-55 minutes in length.


Payment for courses will be online (through Paypal) and the amount per course will vary according to the number of lessons in each course. You do not need a Paypal account to complete the checkout process online—you only need a major credit card or debit card.

When a student registers (free) with the school, they will choose a User Name and Password and use those to gain access to the course(s) they are enrolled in, and access to the handouts for that class(es).