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The Ways of Righteousness #4

Hi all, A man on staff at a megachurch gave what seemed to be an amazing testimony at a Wednesday night service. He told how his teenage son wanted a car, and not just any car, but a Jeep. A new Jeep. And he admitted he wanted it for his son as he would soon… Read more

November 2017 Newsletter

Hi all, As I write this I’m just back from my last ministry trip for the year, and am reflecting on all the wonderful people I’ve met and the times we’ve had in the Lord. My first trip was to Lithuania in the middle of March, my last ended last night (Saturday the 11th of… Read more

The Ways of Righteousness #1

Hi all, Last Saturday morning Barb was sleeping in, Chris was up, bathed, and watching a favorite Christian TV show while playing games on his tablet, and I was cleaning up the kitchen after making Chris breakfast. Over the kitchen window we have blinds – they are horizontal, wood about 2″ wide (5 cm), slightly… Read more

October 2017 Newsletter

Hi all,   Thank you for being patient I have many emails that I’ve not been able to read that are a month old, but looking at the subject matter I can see many in the US are wanting help starting house churches – ┬áthat’s what I do. But I’m only 1 man and the… Read more