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September 23 Sign in the Heavens

Hi all, I’ve long wondered how the Magi were able to look to the night sky and determine a king had been born in Israel. Many have looked at star maps from roughly the years 10BC to 1AD and come up with their own ideas of what this or that planet meant when it was in what… Read more

September 2017 Newsletter

Hi all, I’ll get right to the point…   Especially for the US People have been asking me about what the Father told me some 15 or so years ago (but made public I think around 2008) about 2 hurricanes hitting the US. He said there would be 2 hurricanes hit the US that would… Read more

August 2017 Newsletter

Hi all, Did you know the USA is going to experience another full solar eclipse 7 years from now, on April 8, 2024. If you overlay the path of Monday’s eclipse which went from Washington State southeast across St. Louis/Memphis area exiting through South Carolina, with the 2024 eclipse which will start in Texas and exits through… Read more

Controlling Your Emotions #3

Hi all, Consider how the culture of the world encourages people to live by emotion rather than reasoning: Advertising is designed to get specific emotional responses from us whether it be a cute ad, a funny ad, or a sexy ad, they are all designed to stir emotions more than logic. Consider auditorium church culture. The beautiful building,… Read more