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How Jewish Should a Christian Be? #3

Hi all, We ended last week in the midst of the Acts 15 meeting which would decide the fate of Gentile believers in the Jewish Messiah. Peter had shared that it was God who initiated the work among the Gentiles, and He put no requirements on Cornelius’ household for the simple reason God gave them… Read more

How Jewish Should a Christian Be? #2

Hi all, Last week I mentioned that even 10 years after Pentecost, if you were born a Gentile and wanted to know the God of Israel, you had to become Jewish. They are called proselytes in scripture, including Acts 2: 10, 6:5, & 13:43.   But when Peter was sent by the Lord to the Roman Centurion’s household (Cornelius)… Read more

January 2018 Newsletter

Hi all, If you could keep me in your prayers the 24th as they will be looking at my heart to see if that small blood clot I mentioned last month has dissolved – I appreciate it. Part of the test is to put me to sleep briefly and then slide an ultra sound probe… Read more

How Jewish Should a Christian Be? #1

Hi all, One late winter a woman who was active in her charismatic congregation started discovering the Jewish roots of her faith. She was so very excited to learn of the 7 Jewish festivals (6 feasts, 1 fast) that God gave Israel as it was all new to her and she was like a child… Read more

December 2017 Newsletter

Hi all,   World focus on Jerusalem – where the world is headed Zechariah 12: 1-9 contains a prophecy about Jerusalem being the focus of the world’s attention that brings about Armageddon and the Lord’s return.   “I am going to make Jerusalem a cup of trembling to all the people round about, when they shall lay siege on… Read more

The Truth Behind “Standing on the Word” #2

Hi all, Last week I shared the tradition of ‘standing on the Word’ and the examples in scripture of Peter and Paul who ‘stood’ based on personal revelation the Lord gave them for their situation and life, rather than thumbing through verses to find one that fit their situation. I ended asking where the Lord… Read more

The Ways of Righteousness #5

Hi all, Before I take Chris back to his group home after his weekly home visit, we always eat at a restaurant. It can be a simple hamburger eaten in the car as we sit by railroad tracks waiting for a train to pass, or going in to a restaurant to have a ‘sit down’… Read more