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Essential House Church Truths, Part 2

What to do about...?

Sooner or later questions will arise about a person who dominates conversation or those who don't have basic social courtesies in house church. Paul faced this too, for human nature has not changed.

The (home based) churches at Corinth were a diverse group. Acts 18:1-8 tells us of the founding of the church there, which began in Justus Gaius' house, a Roman who lived next door to the synagogue. Joining him were Crispus, read more...

Essential House Church Truths, Part 1

I'd like to share how house church is different than the traditional, how to start, what a house church meeting looks like, big questions, how to stay balanced, etc.

Things I Learned Along the Way
The basics of house church I could see from the Word, but the 'how to' came about as a result of putting things learned in the Word into practice, making adjustments, and many "OH, that's why Paul said what he read more...

How Do I Start a House Church?

Right after "How can I find a house church in my area?", "How do I start a house church?" is the 2nd most common question I receive. There are several things to consider.

In scripture we have the names of several people who were the original hosts/leaders of their own house church; Lydia in Philippi, Jason in Thessalonica, Titus Justus and Crispus in Corinth, Priscilla and Aquila in Ephesus (and at another time in Rome), Philemon read more...

Simplifying Our Faith

I'd like to share some thoughts about simplifying our walk in the Lord through simplifying our faith.

In any journey of faith there are things a person notices that the Lord uses to get our attention. Then once our attention is fixed, we naturally ask "Why?" Those events become benchmarks around which our transition pivots, so in the first part of these thoughts I'm going to share some of my own benchmarks and their "why's" before read more...

About Affiliation with the Church Without Walls International and How House Churches Operate

1) Are we required to pay tithes to CWOWI?

No, we do not require the paying of tithes to CWOWI.
Why? Because we can’t find any example in the NT where Paul, Peter, James or John (the writers of the NT letters) required the giving of tithes to themselves.

In II Cor 11:8 using sarcasm, Paul says he ‘robbed other churches, taking wages of them.’ Vine says of the word ‘wages’ here: "Material support which Paul read more...

How CWOWI Began

The seeds of CWOWI were planted in 1992. During a time of prayer the Lord Jesus appeared to John in a visitation and shared some of what he was going to be doing in the future. Part of what he said included a bit of a history lesson. He said that during the Charismatic renewal of the 1960’s and 70’s many people came out of the traditional churches because their needs were not being met read more...

CWOWI Mission, Policies and Procedures


The Church Without Walls International (CWOW or CWOWI) is dedicated to making disciples of Jesus Christ through the establishment of a network of related house churches around the world.

We believe a network of inspired individuals with shared values can work together to achieve common goals; the highest of which is making disciples of Jesus.


To disciple Christians in the faith through house churches; to be a model and resource for house churches; to facilitate the development read more...

What is that to you? Part 2

Last week I shared how I had been thinking on various things ranging from prophetic words floating around the body of Christ to prophetic words the Father or Lord have shared with Barb and I, and general news about the economy, war and so forth, when the Father broke into my thoughts saying: "What is that to you?" read More...

What is that to you? Part 1

Cocoon? A few weeks ago I watched a show about how silk is made. You probably know the basics; the silk worm feeds on Mulberry leaves and matures to about 3" in length (7.6 cm), and then spins a silk cocoon in a figure 8 pattern that can measure some 4000 feet in length (1.2 km). The pupae must be killed to get the silk, usually by boiling the cocoon in water. Then workers hand pick the end of the strand(s), lead read more...

Enlightenment, Part 3

On the subject of enlightenment - a man in scripture, then in our time Surprise! Saul of Tarsus was well educated and thought he was doing God a favor by arresting those believers in Jesus. Oftentimes it is taught that Jesus intervened in the life of Saul sovereignly on the road to Damascus in a complete shock to Saul/Paul, but nothing could be further from the truth. In Acts 9:5 when his conversion is recorded, and in 26:14 when Paul tells read more...