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    Not that we would have dominion over your faith, but rather are helpers of your joy, for by your own faith you stand (II Cor 1:24) We believe the practice of home based churches as depicted in the book of Acts and Paul’s letters is normal Christianity. These churches revolve around friends, neighbors, and co-workers meeting regularly for the purpose of growing in Christ and letting the Lord’s will be done in their midst.

    A World Wide House Church Network

    “See what I see: People running to and fro to this meeting and that, looking for the spectacular, thinking that is supernatural. But they miss the supernatural work in their midst, even in their heart. For the process of discipleship is supernatural.” – Jesus to John in a February, 2001 visitation

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    Dutch Conference, May 8-10 in the Netherlands

    Finnish conference, May 15-17 in Helsinki

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    Dealing with Demons: Insights and Answers for Victory

    Web Image What are demons? Can they read your mind? Do they understand your prayer language? How do we stop personal attacks? What are the ways Jesus said to handle them, and what do they do 'behind the scenes'? These questions and more are answered in this series as John shares insights from the Word and experience, boiling the issue of demons down to core ways on how to deal with them. Subjects covered include insights on generational demons, understanding their authority structure once in a person, and more, which will give you tools for your life and those who pray for as well as confidence and peace in the Lord.            


Practicing the Biblical Pattern of Home Based Church

God invented church in the home in the Garden of Eden. The New Testament was written by people doing church in the home to people doing church in the home, about issues related to church in the home. We teach, practice and celebrate church in the home as they did, with amazing, spiritually rich and fulfilling results. Join us!