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    Not that we would have dominion over your faith, but rather are helpers of your joy, for by your own faith you stand (II Cor 1:24) We believe the practice of home based churches as depicted in the book of Acts and Paul’s letters is normal Christianity. These churches revolve around friends, neighbors, and co-workers meeting regularly for the purpose of growing in Christ and letting the Lord’s will be done in their midst.

    A World Wide House Church Network

    “See what I see: People running to and fro to this meeting and that, looking for the spectacular, thinking that is supernatural. But they miss the supernatural work in their midst, even in their heart. For the process of discipleship is supernatural.” – Jesus to John in a February, 2001 visitation

    New Products

    The Core:  7 Traits of Healthy Churches that Meet in HomesTheCore

    The book of Acts describes the same basic characteristics of healthy home based churches that occur no matter the nationality or culture of that home church. This series outlines these 7 characteristics not as a checklist of something for a house church to measure up to, but as the natural result of health and balance. This is also a practical series sharing real life examples today from around the globe in the CWOWI network, as John shares the core intangible elements that are the DNA of a dynamic, healthy, and balanced church that meets in homes.

    Angels & Demons III: Angels in Our Midstangelsinmidst

    This last of the series deals specifically with how to be aware of angels around you, how to discern between the Lord or an angel talking to you, and developing spiritual sensitivity to be able to walk in the Spirit. It defines what 'being in the Spirit' as John shares how he developed his understanding of Acts as normal Christianity and what is required for the Lord to entrust a person with opening their eyes to His realm. This is in conversational style as John walks you through angelic experiences in Acts, and the difference between the Holy Spirit speaking to a person, or an angel, or merely a revelation or 'witness' in a person's spirit. If there is any of the 3 parts of this series to listen to, this is most important because it deals with so much more on the ways of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

    Angels & Demons IIAngelsWeb

    Part 2 features angels and demons and how they are organized over nations and in regions and local areas, what angels can and cannot do for people, and if we can command angels to do something. John shares from visitations he has had an angel's perspective on people and the age to come, and what the Father intended our lives of faith to show the angels and also demons. Included are how demons are organized when they influence or enter a person, and what we can and cannot do about it. You'll gain deeper insights into the realm of angels and demons!    

    Angels & Demons I

    Angels & Demons I

    This series starts with defining the differences between angels and cherubs, their assignments and duties, and how Satan was a cherub. It defines 'chains of darkness', whether demons are fallen angels, some of the traits of angels in their assignments and what they can and cannot do. Part 1 ends talking about 3 stages of demonic attack a person can experience and how to deal with it. Besides chapter and verse, John shares some of his experiences with angels and other spiritual experiences which help provide further insight into the realm of angels and demons!  





Practicing the Biblical Pattern of Home Based Church

God invented church in the home in the Garden of Eden. The New Testament was written by people doing church in the home to people doing church in the home, about issues related to church in the home. We teach, practice and celebrate church in the home as they did, with amazing, spiritually rich and fulfilling results. Join us!