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    Not that we would have dominion over your faith, but rather are helpers of your joy, for by your own faith you stand (II Cor 1:24) We believe the practice of home based churches as depicted in the book of Acts and Paul’s letters is normal Christianity. These churches revolve around friends, neighbors, and co-workers meeting regularly for the purpose of growing in Christ and letting the Lord’s will be done in their midst.

    A World Wide House Church Network

    “See what I see: People running to and fro to this meeting and that, looking for the spectacular, thinking that is supernatural. But they miss the supernatural work in their midst, even in their heart. For the process of discipleship is supernatural.” – Jesus to John in a February, 2001 visitation

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    Dutch Conference, May 8-10 in the Netherlands

    Finnish conference, May 15-17 in Helsinki

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    Hello! I want to invite you to one or more of our spring European conferences, which will be quite different from past conferences. The Lord told me a few days ago; "I want you to lay hands on every person who attends", which I've not done before and was very surprised He would tell me to do so. I much prefer Him to minister to people by the Holy Spirit, and I'm sure that will happen again this year, but the laying on of hands is for very specific things, which means His intention is to accomplish something that only the laying on of hands can do. In scripture the reasons for laying on of hands include healing, sending forth for ministry, the baptism with the Holy Spirit, and the 'imparting' or sharing of spiritual gifts. He did also tell me there will be an anointing for healing, so I am quite excited by these instructions. Of course the richness of the fellowship and refreshing in the presence of the Lord will be present, along with teaching and practical lessons, but I wanted to share these specific instructions He gave me, and extend to you an invitation to attend.
                  John Fenn

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    Understanding Angels: Messengers of the Lord

    Understanding Angels #1 In 'Angels 1' John shares from scripture and personal experience the kinds of angels there are, what they do, and what they look like. You will find answers to questions like; Can we command angels? Does everyone have a guardian angel? Do they talk to us and if so what do they sound like? What kind of messages do they bring? And many more. The theme running throughout this series is how we can cooperate with angels sent by the Father for our benefit, and how people often hinder and frustrate their work. You'll have a deeper understanding of how angels function and be able to recognize times in your life when angels were involved or spoke to you, but you didn't understand, and be ready for future encounters with the Father's messengers.    



Practicing the Biblical Pattern of Home Based Church

God invented church in the home in the Garden of Eden. The New Testament was written by people doing church in the home to people doing church in the home, about issues related to church in the home. We teach, practice and celebrate church in the home as they did, with amazing, spiritually rich and fulfilling results. Join us!