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    Not that we would have dominion over your faith, but rather are helpers of your joy, for by your own faith you stand (II Cor 1:24) We believe the practice of home based churches as depicted in the book of Acts and Paul’s letters is normal Christianity. These churches revolve around friends, neighbors, and co-workers meeting regularly for the purpose of growing in Christ and letting the Lord’s will be done in their midst.

    A World Wide House Church Network

    “See what I see: People running to and fro to this meeting and that, looking for the spectacular, thinking that is supernatural. But they miss the supernatural work in their midst, even in their heart. For the process of discipleship is supernatural.” – Jesus to John in a February, 2001 visitation

    John's Schedule

    House Church Conference in the Netherlands
    May 10-13

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    How Jewish Should A Christian Be?HowJewish (2) (717x677)

    It is good and right that those believers who weren't raised Jewish learn of the Jewish roots of our faith, but how far should that go? This series covers in detail and with practical application the history and culture of first century Judaism, the thinking of the apostles before Pentecost and the revelation they received that Gentiles could believe in Jesus too, and how they dealt with this question. For yourself and those around you, this series gives the knowledge of scripture, culture, history with the Holy Spirit to find that balance between the Messianic movement and where you are spiritually now. You will know the answer to how Jewish should a Christian be?

    How Jesus Heals Emotions DVDHowJesusHealsEmotions (2) (567x800)

      There are many examples of Jesus healing people emotionally in the gospels, but can you recall examples of Him healing someone's emotions? The examples are numerous, and this 4-part series takes you into the hearts and minds of people Jesus did heal emotionally. This reveals His methods then, and because He is the same, it reveals how He leads us into emotional healing. The topics covered include Jesus' promise to the emotionally hurting and damaged, how Jesus heals emotions, how Jesus set people on the journey to emotional health, and how to rebuild healthy emotions and thoughts. You will be blessed and changed!      


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God invented church in the home in the Garden of Eden. The New Testament was written by people doing church in the home to people doing church in the home, about issues related to church in the home. We teach, practice and celebrate church in the home as they did, with amazing, spiritually rich and fulfilling results. Join us!

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